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Dreams Palm Beach - Wedding in Paradise package with add ons?

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I'm getting married at Dreams Palm Beach on May 12, 2012! Less then 3 months away! I was wondering if anyone has ever had their wedding here and chose the complimentary package, and then decided to "add on" rather than paying for the Dreams of Love package and getting some stuff that you dont really need. I was hoping to have our private dinner (with only 11 adults and 3 children) at the pool area but I'm trying to find out how much exta that will cost. We aren't even planning on having a dj, maybe an Ipod. Has anyone had a small wedding here and can suggest where I could have my dinner? Would it be best and most affordable to have our dinner in one of the restaurants? I've noticed the Portofino restaurant has a semi-private "wine cellar" which looks nice. I just feel like since we are only having our immediate family, we don't need a real "reception", more of just a private, low key dinner. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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