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Gran Caribe Real Newbie questions

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Hey all!! My fiance and I are planning on getting married in Catholic chapel in Gran Caribe Real and was just wondering if anyone had trouble getting a letter from their church to the resort. My church has been iffy bout it and I haven't brought up the issue of letter again and was wondering how I can go about it, if any of you have any tips.


Also, was wondering about reception. I really would love a beach reception but my fiance is afraid of the wind and for sand to get in everyone's food. Our wedding coordinator, Diana, agreed with him and we have decided to do it on 1 of the terraces, but my heart's still kinda set on the beach. What are your ideas on this ? 


Finally, has anyone discussed any rates with the resort itself? We had a difficult time communicating with the man responsible for setting up rates and when he quoted us some nightly rates and we responded asking how we can get a discount group rate, we havent heard back from him!! 


Thanks for any advise and CONGRATS to all the future brides!!!



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Congratulations Cathy and welcome to the forums! This is a great site to get started with all your planning... so much information can be found here and tips from vendors and brides! Do a quick search to find almost anything you need.

Have fun and keep smiling!

Warm Mexico Wishes... Linkn

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Hi Cathy. Congrats on your wedding! We just got married at the Gran Caribe chapel in December. You will absolutely LOVE it!  It was a gorgeous wedding overlooking the ocean. This site helped me so much in my wedding planning, so I'm providing my feedback to help other brides too. I didn't have any problems with my church providing a letter. I showed the church a printout from the Gran Caribe of what they needed, and the church gave me a list of requirements to fulfill to get the letter. We needed to attend a marriage retreat scheduled by the church, and also meet one-on-one with the priest. If your church gives you problems, I'm sure you can go to a different church.


Reception site depends on the size of your party. Our party was 33 people. I also wanted the beach reception, but we opted out for the same reason - sand and wind. So we had cocktails on the beach, and the reception at the gazebo (right above the beach). I loved it! It was perfect. And the gazebo provided protection from too much sun and wind.


We found the best rates through AAA. They booked our rooms for us and it was cheaper than booking directly with the resort.


Here's our slideshow for pix of the wedding/reception/ttd for ideas. http://mylenearturo.amorcitocorazonstudio.com/#/ceremony/.


If you haven't decided on a photographer yet, check out the one we used, Amorcito Corazon Studio,

http://amorcitocorazonstudio.com/#/weddings/. Amazing work & awesome pricing!



Happy planning! 

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