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Okay everyone - I am so excited to share this planning thread with you all! I will try to keep it as up to date as possible as I continue the fun-filled journey to the big wedding day : ) HAPPY PLANNING TO YOU ALL!


My finance and I got engaged on April Fool's Day lol...and here is the pic of my ring:



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We sent out our save the dates about a year in advance to around 200 people and asked them for a tentative RSVP. We sent a letter using neon paper from Staples, neon envelopes from Staples, customized stamps with our logo from Zazzle.com, a tentative RSVP postcard which we got free from Vistaprint, tropical confetti from Party City, and a save the date magnet. For the magnet, I had a graphic designer use a picture of us laying on the beach from a previous trip and add it into a different background which only cost about $30.







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Here are our logos. The first one is from Rebecca from Allurements by Rebecca on Etsy. I highly recommend her! The second one is just a simple one we used for the save the dates.








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Here is what I will be giving my bridesmaids before the wedding. I am also going to get them each a nice keepsake gift as well so I'm still trying to think of something! I will probably also get the same t-shirts for our parents to wear on the plane ride down!






BM tote.jpg

BM hat.jpg

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I designed this door hanger on Vistaprint then just ordered the oversized post cards and they are the perfect size! I will just cut a hole out or add ribbon so it can hang.


door hanger.jpg


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Here is my first personalization project for my OOT bags! I bought tropical flavored chapstick from the Dollar Tree (2 for $1.00) and removed the labels. I then used Avery return address labels and printed my logo on them, then added SPF 15 at the top. I decided I needed a Red Stripe during this project as you will see in one of the pics lol.








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OOT bags so far with a few personalized items. I am still working on personalizing everything else and will post pics once that is finished.


Price Breakdown:


14 oz. Mugs: $1.17 each (discountmugs.com):

Beach scene disposable camera for photo treasure hunt: $1.99 each (theknot.com)

Sewing Kit: $1.00 (dollar tree)

First Aid Kits: About 70 cents each (ebay)

Chap-Ice Tropical Chapstick SPF 15: 2 for $1.00 (dollar tree)

Travel Tissues Pack: 8 for $1.00 (dollar tree)

Door Hanger: Free from Vistaprint

Personalized Key Card Holder/Beach Safe Container: $1.50 each (oriental trading)

Flip-Flop Playing Cards: .67 cents each (oriental trading)

Emery Board: 20 for $1.00 (dollar tree)

Tropical Scented Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer: $1.00 each (bath & body works)

Wisp Toothbrushes: .25 cents each (five below)

Crest Toothpaste: Free from relative who is a dental hygienist : )

Gold Bond Body Wash: .33 cents each (shoprite)

Banana Boat Sunscreen: .97 cents each (Target)

Flip-Flop Gummy Treats: .33 cents each (oriental trading)

Tropical Candy Fun Packs: .08 cents each (oriental trading)

Seashell Shaped Hard Candy: .16 cents each (oriental trading)

Shout Wipes: .39 cents each (minimus.biz)

Advil Packet: .27 cents each (dollar tree)

Pepto Packet: .60 cents each (minimus.biz)

Bags: $1.46 each (discountbags.com)



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