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New Wedding Collection and Questions

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#1 Courtney Hooker

Courtney Hooker
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    Posted 27 November 2011 - 09:17 AM



    We are booked for the Cancun palace July 4 for our wedding. We have chosen the Diamond package, but has anyone seen the new 2012 collection by Colin Cawie? We are now thinking about switching to the Elegant Ivory collection. It is really beautiful!


    Also,  on the contract I noticed that you are NOT allowed to bring "outside vendors". I notice though that everyone brings at least a couple of suitcases full of things, so are the talking about just food and beverage, not decor? I ask because I am bring my own table linens and most of the decor and wanted to make sure it was allowed. Thank you!


    Anyone know what the weather is like in August as well? I am guessing very hot (I just hope it doesn't rain).


    Feel free to e-mail me at courtneymariel.h@gmail.com

    #2 hansen6

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      Posted 27 November 2011 - 02:45 PM

      We are getting married at Cancun Palace July 20, 2012.  No outside vendors only applies to photographers, DJ's, florists BUT what I was told was to ask the on site wedding coordinator and they are flexible.  We had our photographer booked before the contract!  July and August will be H O T but from the feedback I have gotten, it is nice in the shade with the breeze.  I'm thinking that it won't be much hotter than our summer last year only we didn't have an ocean, pool or beach to go to!!  :)  Congrats!

      OH and for now, we are doing the complimentary wedding and will go from there!  But I did see the new collections and they are nice!


      #3 Courtney Hooker

      Courtney Hooker
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        Posted 28 November 2011 - 10:01 AM

        Thank you for the feedback/advice it was helpful. I was guessing it would be extremely hot but we are going to get parasols and hand-held electric fans for our guests :)


        Have you picked what locations you will have your reception/cocktail hour yet? Its always hard to make these decisions without seeing the place.


        Congrats on your wedding date! I hope we get to see some pictures  :)

        #4 hansen6

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          Posted 29 November 2011 - 12:25 PM

          I went to visit Cancun Palace the 1st week of November so I have ideas.  We have to wait to see what our response from guests are before we decide on cocktail and reception like events.  We just mailed out 37 save the dates yesterday!  But I would like as much as possible on the beach but the infinity terrace is nice and also the space next to one of the round pools too.  Our family suite is booked, our contract signed with our wedding date and time, our photographer is booked and that is as far as I have gotten.  :)  That alone was a lot of work!!!  Working with Miami was a nightmare at first.  I have my booking link and pricing info so now I feel better.

          Here are our tour pictures.  Our tour was at 10am on a Saturday so somewhat busy depending on the location.  Hope this helps!  :)  Becky

          Here is the Infinity Terrace




          View from Infinity Terrace from the Presidential Suite  The gathering other area (more secluded) is to the left of the elevated circle pool.


          Setting up for a wedding during our visit



          This is as you walk out of the hotel to the Infinity Terrace and the pool.  (Infinity Terrace to the right)


          The view of the beach wedding location from the Presidential Suite. 


          #5 Courtney Hooker

          Courtney Hooker
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            Posted 30 November 2011 - 04:51 PM

            These pictures are beautiful! The infinity terrace is amazing.


            I agree with you in that I am finding myself getting very anxious over the details because of the lack of communication. Whenever I ask someone from Miami a question, I feel like it takes a whole week to respond. I am glad I am not the only one!


            You mentioned you hired a photographer... did you use the one through the hotel? My concern is that the hotel overcharges and I am not sure who the photographer is. Also, I noticed a no outside vendors message in the contract. Looking at the forum, it looks like other palace resort brides say you have to add an amendment to the contract stating that you are allowed to use the outside sources, otherwise they have to pay a "displacement fee" which I hear is upward to $500. Have you heard about this? I thought we could just pay for a day pass for our vendors, but I guess its not the case. 


            Have you heard recommendations from any DJS? I hear the ones they prefer cost a lot of money, and then here they try to discourage you through this displacement fee to hire outside of the hotel. I hear DJ Doremix and DJ Mannia are the better ones.


            Let me know!


            Thank you


            #6 hansen6

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              Posted 30 November 2011 - 05:04 PM

              Did you sign your contract already?  I refused to sign it without saying I could at least have a photographer for the day pass fee and it stated that but it did say beyond that (in writing) that no other outside vendors were allowed.  BUT verbally, they told me that the on site wedding coordinator will work with brides so I am hoping if we decide to hire an outside DJ, they will be ok with that.  We hired Gonzalo Nunez (outside) for our photographer and got to meet him when we were there too.  He is SO sweet! 

              Worst case scenario for DJ's, we have a friend that is willing to bring his Ipod filled with a variety of music and will even put together a playlist for us and all we will have to pay for is the sound system.  DJ'ing is his calling and he is SUPER excited to do it! 

              Glad you liked the pics!  It is an AMAZING place!!!  :)


              #7 Renewing32

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                Posted 11 March 2012 - 11:41 AM

                My husband and I are planning on renewing our vows at the Beach Palace in next year. I can't wait to see pictures of weddings with the new Colin Cowie packages. I'm a perfectionist so planning this in another country is already driving me nuts. Lol

                Just as stir crazy as my first wedding!

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