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Da Conch Shack Info

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We are staying at Beaches and I just wanted to get an idea of how far Da Conch Shack is from the resort. We dont plan on leaving the property much, but we heard from many people going here is a must do. So is it a far distance and what would be our best bet on transportation to get there? thanks in advance.

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I was at a the Alexandra, a couple of resorts down the beach from Beaches in October.  We rented a car one day and we drove to Da Conch Shack.  I'm guessing you could take a taxi but in general we found taxi's to be fairly pricey as they charge per person, per trip. It cost us about $100 to rent a car for 24 hours (we needed a car big enough for four adults and four sets of golf clubs).  Some nights it cost us $100 in taxi's to and from restaurants.  We met people who had rented a small car for the week for $250 so if we went again that is what we would do.

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Definitely get off property, the island is lovely with lots of other sites to see.  Conch Shack (and next door at Horse eyed jacks) are great places to have lunch by the beach and get a different view of the island.  You can also head over to the Grace Bay area before or after and check out the Regent Village/Salt Mills shops/Ports of Call shops.  You can park in one spot and do the Salt Mills and Regent Village and then drive 1/2 mile down to the Ports of Call area.  We have some amazing artists on island in many different fields, but I don't think any of them sell their work at Beaches.  


My favorite places for unique jewelry/art/crafts:  Anna's Gallery at the Salt Mills and Brenda's Ceramic studio a few doors down (I think it's Paradise gifts, I just know it as Brenda's shop, but it has beautiful ceramic ware and jewelry in the window)  Anna Bourne has her amazing vivid silk art prints and great jewelry that is unique and fun different gifts, Brenda is a phenomenal ceramic artist, and has big and then small pieces that are ceramic shells and sanddollars in tiles that can be easily taken home and one of a kind.  In the Regent Village, check out FOTTAC (flavors of the Turks and Caicos) with our local Bambarra Rum, as well as handmade baskets, bath salts from Middle Caicos and Sea Salt from Middle Caicos and Salt Cay!  There are a few other galleries/cool gift shops in the Regent Village as well.  If someone is looking for Cuban Cigars, then head to the Goldsmith in the Regent Village (my friend says her husband finds the best deals and quality there, although it looks like we may have a cigar shop opening soon in the Salt Mills).  We also have some new coffee shops etc opening in December so that should be fun.   Just down from Regent Village is the Pizza Pizza Plaza,  and Island Scoop which has great homemade ice cream in very fun flavors (love the mojito ice cream).  They also have a little gift shop next door with hand made/fair trade and organic items.  

Ports of Call is down the road with more gift shops.  Dive Provo always has some really unique items in their shop and around the corner from Ports of Call is the Patty Place with fabulous Jamaican style patties for a quick snack or two...Yum!   A Little further is Caicos Plaza, with the French Caicos Bakery and Rumours another lovely little shop with unique items.  


If you are going to go out, shop in the morning (most shops open after 10) or right before heading home and then head over to the conch shack.   If you still want to explore more of the island, Chalk Sound is stunningly beautiful, I recommend going to Las Brisas on the water.  They make great mudslides/mojitos and have a pool to swim in or paddle boats to go out on Chalk Sound.     Some guides will tell to to go to "the Hole"  don't waste your vacation time....it's just a hole on some land with water in it LOL...kinda cool but not worth a separate trip. 


The island is very safe (although like anywhere in the world, don't leave valuables in a locked car etc), and really easy to get around (we have 3 main paved roads...and no stop lights)  Do check it out and see what's outside of Beaches!  We are a US dollar economy, so you don't have to worry about currency exchange!  And don't forget your cameras!


Hope that gives you some ideas.   Grace Bay Car Rentals will drop the car off at the resort and have always been highly recommended on Trip Advisor.  We also have an Avis franchise here as well.



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The taxis are expensive so I would also suggest renting a car and driving around. We rented a car with the wheel on the right side and it made for an interesting trip. We kept turning on the windshield wipers when we meant to turn on the turn signal. Ha ha! We rented from Grace Bay Rentals and I think it was maybe $50 for a four door sedan and they dropped it off at our resort and picked it up. 


Please check out the rest of Grace Bay. The stretch along Beaches was my least favorite because there seemed to be more seaweed and it was just so crowded. There is so much more of the island to see! We liked shopping at Regent Village the best. Dive Provo has some nice quality t-shirts, hats, bags, sweatshirts and Flavors of Turks and Caicos had some great rum and rum cake.

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