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Importance of knowing your prakriti

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    Posted 08 November 2011 - 11:44 AM


    Ayurveda is an ancient healthcare system prevalent in India and its healing therapies are based on the dosha or body type of each patient.  According to this system, human body consists of three humours called vata, pitta and kapha and each humour constitutes the five elements of nature – air, water, fire, earth and space in a peculiar way).


    If you want to go through a healing or rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda, the first thing the Ayurvedic practitioner do is to identify your body type. They will analyse which humour is predominantly seen in your body and skin structure and provide treatment accordingly.In Ayurveda, the body type is called prakriti. The combination of humours is different in each human being and accordingly the body type too differs.  Knowing the prakriti will help you understand your body and its requirements, which in turn will help in keeping it healthy.  Understanding the body type and balancing the humours will also help in maintaining emotional and mental balance and thus will contribute to the wellness of your personal and professional life. You can plan your diet according to your body type and correct the imbalances yourself if you know your prakriti.


    Any treatment at an ayurvedic resort or hospital or clinic will begin only with an analysis of the body type of the patient and such a treatment helps the patients be cleansed of all the impurities.

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