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I started my journal thread here:



I know I'm a little slow but I thought I should share some templates that I created based on ones that I found on this website.  I am especially proud of our welcome letter/brochure. The hubby and I worked really hard at it (we're both not creative types).  We simply stapled it in the corner and put it in a clear, waterproof folder so that it stays clean and people can quickly glance at the itinerary on the back.  It was a hit and some asked for an extra copy. :)  If I had to do it over again (and had more time), I would have done less hotel stuff, put in some emergency information, and added more family/personal pages.


Here's the letter/brochure (to keep our privacy, I blocked faces and changed names):






Notes: Make note of any effects you place in the background.  We had it open book-style and had to change up the background effect so that it made sense.  Also I struggled with keeping the header the same on each page, it was easier to duplicate one template and start from there.  It printed really pretty but I couldn't get rid of the white border, which doesn't show up on the computer and does when you print.  If you can figure it out, please let me know.



We gave everyone DR lanyards with waterproof card holders.  In the card holder we slipped this little card, here's the template:




Here's the First-Aid box template (I found the heart pic on this website so I was unable to change the color):



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    • Congratulations Kim and follow all mandatory guidelines and be safe. BEST WISHES both of you💞
    • It's so sweet, Nice idea. Perfect for a cute wedding.😍
    • Hello Kim;) Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!! My name is Marisol Vera and I am wedding planner; if you are looking for a destination wedding Cancun and Riviera Maya are great options and pretty safe since all the hotels and resorts are taking great care of their guests and visitors. Please advise which is the destination wedding you are interested in as well as if you have contacted any hotels yet; I will be more than happy to assist you with your big day planning!!! Looking forward to hearing from you very soon;) Have a great day!
    • It depends on how far you can go, Can you go out of US for destination wedding, If yes then their are tons of options Ex. Bali,Thailand is becoming the new hot spot for destination weddings, Other one I would recommend is Rajasthan,India It might be expensive wedding but totally worth it the wedding takes place in palaces. If you don't have that much of budget still their are many options available such as Sicily,Italy - get the authentic wedding ceremony in Italy other one i would recommend is going to Spain their iconic scenery are perfect for a wedding. Thanks🙂  
    • Hi Alexa;) We have multiple services such as wedding planning, floral arrangements as well as wedding furniture. Question, would you please confirm the destination wedding you have chosen as well as the location or resort?  Please find below the links where you will be able to find our catalogue as well as pictures for some of the events we have done in the past;)   https://issuu.com/eventoseuforia/docs/catalogo_euforia    www.eventoseuforia.com   https://www.instagram.com/eventos_euforia_/   Please feel free to contact me with all the questions you may have, it will be a pleasure to assist you:) Have a wonderful evening!
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