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Hey thanks for checking in!  I should've come here to announce, but it's been a pretty crazy week!

Xavier Ryan was born on 04/09.  The labor was smooth, no complications.  I ended up choosing to get an epidural after 8 hours of contractions with no dilation, but I'm not disappointed in my decision.  (Not sure if I talked about it here, but my intentions were to go natural.)  I did the best I could and decided I was DONE with the pain!  Unfortunately the epidural didn't really take and was spotty, but I'm guessing it was better then nothing at all.  So I labored from 12:30am to about 4pm when I began pushing and he was born at 4:57pm.  So just under an hour of pushing which I was told is fairly quick for a first time mom.  So far the recovery has been pretty easy too.  I was sore for a few days but I feel almost as good as normal now.


Xavier is awesome is so sweet and hilarious.  He's a pretty chill baby, so far, quite and observant kinda like me.  


As you can probably guess from all the back and forth in this thread, choosing his name was still reallllly hard.  We were checking out of the hospital at about noon on Wednesday and we only decided on his name at about 10am that morning.  It drove everyone in our lives crazy that he was nameless for a few days, but we really still couldn't decide between Xavier and Matteo.  Obviously I'm really happy we chose Xavier, but I'm thinking that Matteo might be on our name list next time around.


So cool that the hubs can feel the baby!!  It took a really long time for Matt to be able to feel Xavier and even then, I swear he would stop moving whenever I told someone to touch my stomach.  You guys don't have ANY girls names?  What kind of style do you both like?  Can you give some examples of each of your lists?


I'll share a pic or two, but it's really hard to choose!


This is his sad/mad/old man face that is too cute NOT to share.




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Carly, I swear I am not just saying this, I really mean it,  Xavier is one of the cutest little baby boys I have ever ever seen in my whole life. He is simply divine!! You must be so happy.

Delighted to know you are feeling so good. You did great going 8 hours without epidural and should be proud. So glad for you that the pushing part was relatively fast, you lucky girl!!

How are you settling in at home? Too early to be in a routine yet?


Regarding names, all of my husbands suggestions are very common names. Don't get me wrong here, I actually love the names he has suggested (Emma, Madison, Olivia, Emily) .... but I just think when we send her to school when the teacher says her name half the girls in the class will raise their arms! I don't want any weird names like Apple and all these things, but I also don't want half the other girls in school having the same name either. He still likes Margaret and I still hate it, LOL! I do love Olivia though, and though it might be quite common it's still in the running. One of my absolute favorites is Annalise. LOVE IT!


Congratulations again on baby Xavier, so happy for you guys!!

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Oh I LOVE Annalise!!  It's definitely not common, but it's familiar sounding.  Meaning people won't cringe when they hear it.


And I hear you about the common names.  There are so many girls names that I love but could never use b/c of how common they are - Sofia, Olivia, Isabel, etc.


What about Olive?  I think that's such a cute alternative to Olivia.  


Try the name site www.nymbler.com.  You put in a few names that you like and it will give you alternative names.  Also, a blog that I like to follow is www.swistle.com.  It's a blog where the readers send in their baby naming issues and they reply with their thoughts and opinions.  I generally think her responses are great, but I sent in my issue and wasn't impressed with the reply at all.  But I still read it b/c I love name talk.


Oh and thanks for the Xaxi love!  Of course we think he's prefect, but it's pleasing to hear that others think so too.

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