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hi all i m starting new bussness in your are

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hi all nice to met u

Wedding videos, until now, have been dull, boring and not something everybody would want to watch - even your friends and family. Nobody really ever talks to the camera. Why?
Most people feel uncomfortable being filmed by people they don't know.
Film By You are very proud to offer you an awesome alternative!
Anyone can use a video camera, but most people do not have the skills to edit the footage into something special. That's where we come in!
We are not like the millions of wedding videographers all of our energy and enthusiasm goes into creating a personal, professional, and totally pimped up wedding video all of your friends will love! Our expert editorâ€s credentials are second to nobody - you won't find a cheesy slow motion shot in our wedding videos!
We're the next generation helping to, for the very first time, put the 'cool' into wedding videos! Your family and friends will be seriously impressed.

Our Editing Staff:

We know people work best when they have somewhere inspirational & fun to work. Our Engine House editing suit has proved inspirational to everyone - including our clients who are often here working alongside our designers.
We watch ALL of your wedding video footage, pick out the best bits and use our creative genius to turn your wobbly 6 hours of wedding video footage into a wedding video masterpiece

Email :     info@film-by-you-co.uk
phone number : 03459333464
Engine House
343 Roundhay Road
West Yorkshire

<a href="http://24by7freelancers.com/">film by you</a>

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