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Tips for Organizing Guests to Palace Resort Weddings!?!

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Hi Ladies!


I'm getting married on April 1st at the Playacar Palace but we are staying at the Adventura Cove Palace resort.


I'm wondering if anyone has tips for organizing guests arrival to the resort???

Here are some things I'm worried about:

>Guests making their room reservations at the correct resort for the right dates

>Guests being confused about the all inclusive rates and room rates

>Transportation from the airport to the resort

>Guests check-in confusion


I have been emailing back and forth with Yesenia about a group contract. Has anyone done this before?


If you have ANY input it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


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I would say to most definatley get a travel agent.  They will handle all of those details for you.  They deal with the hotel and your guests directly and it does not cost you a thing.

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We're getting married at Playacar too!  10.10.11


Your best bet is a TA who specializes in DW.  Mine has been going back and forth with Yesenia as well, and it has cost me zero stress. 


She found a great deal through WestJet, in Toronto, and all the info was emailed to my guest list with appropriate links for the palace resort website, and trip advisor etc... we also included all of the credit info per room at Palace.


Don't try to do it yourself.  You'll go crazy...  Good luck



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