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  1. I would say to most definatley get a travel agent. They will handle all of those details for you. They deal with the hotel and your guests directly and it does not cost you a thing.
  2. I'm getting married at Sun Palace on 11/6/11 FI will be wearing linen khaki pants with cream colored silk button down shirt (my dress is also cream) I am having my hair done at the resort I have pics of what I want. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about their hair after doing this, so my fingers are crossed! LOL Photographer is Octavio M. Love his work & his prices are great. We only have 6 guests, so we only need about an hour of shoot time. I don't have much more info than you at this point, but you are welcome to walk my journey with me & I will pass along all that I can! :-)
  3. When is your date? I'm getting married at Sun Palace on 11/6/11 at 4pm
  4. They do their last ceremony at 4 in November because the sun sets earlier. It gives just enough time for ceremony & pictures before dark.