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  1. I was curious about menus too! I'm having the hardest time deciding... I have to pick 2 cocktail menus and 2 dinner... One is the wedding and the other is our farewell dinner... Do they let you substitute at all? I have a few non pork eaters and one severe nut allergy.
  2. ::update:: we got legal about 10 days ago now and are so happy we did it! That said- it has in no way diminished my excitement for the 'big' day in Mexico! I anyone wants the information on a great officiant that comes to your house (!!) let me know! Rev. Mandi Neiser came to our house and we did a quietly meaningful consenting of marriage in our backyard. We live in Toronto and she does the golden horseshoe, so anything Etobicoke to Niagara- she is based in Stoney Creek. PM me and I'd be happy to give you her info.
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    My to do list

    great idea! I was looking for the same kind of list
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    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    please share! You look fantastic!! I would love to know which cleanse
  5. We have been to 6 DW. Two of them were legal in the islands, and the rest were legally married in Canada before going. Now that it is our turn- we are absolutely getting it done legally here. The wedding couple were a whirlwind prior to the wedding because of blood tests and meetings etc.. The weddings that were legally done in Canada first, enjoyed time on the beach, margaritas in hand with friends and family. We have an officiant coming to our house, we will sign papers with 2 witnesses. No kiss, no ring, no fanfare. That said- the date is significant- it will be 4 years to the day we met. Our wedding day (2mos later) will be considered as the day we speak our vows in Playa- then the kiss and the ring and the fanfare!
  6. MOVE!!!! lol- we are too- one week with everyone and then we move to the adults only sister property for a week.
  7. Hi ladies! I'm not a now sapphire bride, but was just there on vacation. I thought I would drop in and say that while we were there, we saw 4 weddings and every one of them was gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful setups, decor, staff EVERYTHING!! I spoke to two of the brides and they were very happy with the outcome. Congratulations to all of you and you have chosen a FANTASTIC location! BEST ROOMS- buildings 2,3,4 on the beach- close to lobby bar, pool etc.. We had room 427 and it was amazing- unobstructed view of the ocean and a hot tub on the balcony...
  8. thanks you so much for sharing! I was stumped with something and you totally triggered me to action! You will make such a stunning bride and i wish you muchas buenos as you embark on your journey!
  9. really beautiful! I see you are Canadian- where did you get that dress??
  10. I agree! PLAYACAR here I come! It's a shame MX is getting such a bad rap... Just 2 days ago a work colleague asked me why I would put my guests " in danger like that, to go to your wedding? " I replied, "well, quite frankly, you are not on my list, and 46 other people disagree. " Dumba$$.
  11. too funny! Im allergic to bees... You just reminded me to make sure my MOH packs my epi-pen with her for the day!! LOL. BTW- beautiful dress!
  12. Hi RMbride2b, I have the same issue with the strong arm tactics of Palace. I'm not paying $300 for 20 mins of microphone. ITS RIDICULOUS. That said- we are bringing our BOSE, wireless speakers, our laptop and a microphone. We tried it out in the backyard a few weeks ago and it sounds great! Initially, I didn't want to lug everything, but considering the Bose usage for our reception as well? Why not? I would urge you to try it out. Do you have someone " techhie" coming to your wedding?
  13. sometimes you just have to wash your hands of people. So sorry
  14. I think its a great idea- I wish i had done it