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How to coordinate the evening...

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Hey everyone, 


I'm wondering how I should coordinate from the end of the ceremony to the end of the evening.  We'd really like to use the a la carte dinner (we have sixty people, we've been told this is possible still, but we'll see once we get down there).  I'm especially wondering what we should do after dinner.  We have access to another room to use after dinner, but I can't think of how to get people interested in dancing and having a good time if I have to lead them to a separate room.


I was thinking I'd use the included 1 hour cocktail hour, and hire a bartender for a couple hours.  We have a Bose Sound System, but I'm not sure if that alone will be enough.


Any suggestions?




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How far is the room from the dinner location? Even if it's a walk, I think most guests would enjoy dancing or drinking after dinner. You might want to ask a few family members or close friends to help corral other guests to the after dinner event. If you can afford it, can you hire a DJ? Or, if you plan to do a bride/groom dance together, I'm sure guests will follow :-)

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