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Ceremony Order Question-Sand Ceremony and Registar Signing

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Hi Ladies,


I am putting together my ceremony and I'm just not sure the order of the sand ceremony and the signing of the registar - which comes first?

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Hi JayKay


I would say do what you feel is suited to your day. What order do you picture them making the most sense in?


Personally it it were me, I would probably do the Sand Ceremony first. In my head the Sand Ceremony is a beautiful, symbolic piece of your ceremony it's when you join yourselves and your familes symbolically. It is romantic and sentimental, just like the rest of your ceremony will be. That's why it makes the most sense in my head right after your vows and ring exchange ect.


I also imagine the register as going last because it is like "sealing the deal". The last act that legally and officially binds you. As much as this is an important part of the wedding (obviously :P), I think it is slightly less personal and makes sense at the end to wrap things up.


Please remember, this is strictly my opinion and whichever way you choose to arrange the order is going to make your wedding perfect for you!! :)





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