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  1. Hello Ladies, Just a few notes on this! Everyone does have a personal preference of how they like to coordinate the reception dinner. You may choose to assign each guest to a specific seat or a specific table which keeps things more organized and trying to keep a good balance at each table. From experience we have found that having a master seating chart or escort cards are very helpful, you can choose to do place cards in a creative way if you wish. If you are having speeches or announcements try to place the guests giving them facing the wedding group so they will not have the
  2. Cassie South

    Playa Escondida

    I absolutely love this property... So much character, and Annie the General Manager is really sweet. She takes great care of our brides too!
  3. Another beautiful Velas property!
  4. Hi there Leigha, Unfortunately, you're going to need to find someone who's getting married during the same dates and has a group about the same size as yours. The Canadian wholesalers make us submit quite a long list before they send us pricing, including dates of travel, number of people, the various gateways they are travelling from, which room category your guests will want to stay in, and room occupancy (single, double, triple, etc) Dates are the key. Room rates can fluctuate the difference of $1000 over the year, depending on seasonality and occupancy. Hope that helps!
  5. Hi Linda, I'm really sorry to hear this and hope you've had some luck sorting out the charges with your credit card company. I've worked in the travel industry for 15 years and all reputable rravel companies will request your phone or fax in your credit card numbers. Email is never safe and they should always give you an alternative option. So sorry to hear about this! Ginger at Blue Petal
  6. Cassie South

    Casa Velas

    Located in Puerto Vallarta
  7. Cassie South

    Velas Vallarta

    A few images from Velas Vallarta. Just the basics here!
  8. Some images of the dining options, room categories and wedding set ups at Gran Velas Riviera Maya... Gorgeous property, very opulent and probably more a fit for the higher end bride.
  9. Pleasure, glad I could be of assistance ladies
  10. Wedding Site Inspection done by Blue Petal Weddings, Oct. 2011
  11. They look great! That was very nice of your TA
  12. Hi there ndavan, Being a TA, I have visited many properties in the Riviera Maya (wedding site inspections) and I'm a total foodie. I've experienced both extremes, food that was so bad I got sick and some of the best food I've ever eaten. To sum it all up, I highly recommend the Karisma properties. I've been to all of them and not once have I experienced a less then delicious meal. Obviously if you have children attending you'll need to go to one of the Azul properties. Mid size to small I'd recommend the Beach or Fives. If you're after adults only, I loved the El Dorado Seaside Suites!
  13. Hi there Mrs. Cantatore, I just finished a wedding with about 100 guests at that property. I wasn't getting married, I'm a TA but we do more then just the travel, we actually help with the wedding as well so I have learned a lot. If you have any specific questions, fire them my way I may know the answer. One thing that came up right away, this property does not accept US Dollars, but they will bill you in US dollars. Weird, but true! Another thing, the Jacuzzi suites are very limited so if your guests are looking for the higher room categories they need to book them early!
  14. Hi there tsc2012, Our agency has dealt with almost every company down there so I certainly have recommendations based on good and bad experiences! I highly recommend using "Your Cancun DMC". They are punctual, experienced and have very knowledgeable guides. On top of that, their pricing is very competitive as well. Their website is http://www.yourcancundmc.com/ They will be able to help you with Chichen Itza, Coba, Playa Del Carmen, whatever. They also will assist in emergencies (one of my guests lost her Mexican Tourist Card once and they sorted everything). The best thing i
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