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#1 MikeandMew

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    Posted 21 September 2011 - 06:54 PM

    Hi Just trying to connect with other brides who are also getting married at CAR 2012~

    Im interested in sharing stories, vendor info, difficulties with communication etc....

    Drop me a note!!



    #2 klt226

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      Posted 19 October 2011 - 08:52 AM

      when are you getting married there? I am in Jan 2012

      #3 ACDCDCAC

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      Posted 24 October 2011 - 12:17 PM

      sorry i didnt get married there, but if you have other Cabo questions, ask away! :)

      #4 MikeandMew

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        Posted 24 October 2011 - 02:59 PM

        I am getting married June 2012! Im so excited to hear from another CAR bride!! Have you finished with all the preparations and planning? Im stuck on florist and photo! Im also a bit worried about music for ceremony~

        Originally Posted by klt226 

        when are you getting married there? I am in Jan 2012


        #5 lisalynn

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          Posted 07 November 2011 - 08:52 AM

          I've been reading these Cabo Azul posts for a year! and finally decided to write about my experience, so far!

          We live in Canada and LOVE Cabo!!

          The countdown is on!! We are getting married at Cabo Azul December 2, 2011. (today is nov 6)....we have 75 guests.

          Our first trip together was our one month anniversary! crazy! I know:) But it worked out...My FH took me to Cabo Azul (January 2009) and fell in love with the resort...and each other! aaawe;).....There was a wedding happening while we were there, a gorgeous LA Lakers cheerleader was getting married in the beautiful El Corazon Chapel. We both knew if (when) we got married it would be here, it was breathtaking and I seriously had tears in my eyes when I saw how beautiful is was there. We went back with friends April 2010....then..July 2010, he proposed. I called to book the resort for 11-11-11...BUT it was already booked! so we chose


          I have dealt with Georgina since day one and she has been wonderful, attentive, responsive and extremely helpful. I am a very picky person and pay alot of attention to detail, so even after 100's of tedious emails, Georgina still responds.....(I do have to say, I think they have gotten busier with weddings in the last year though).

          First of all the ceremony will be a legal ceremony, we wanted to wait until that "moment" to make it legal, our family and friends asked if we were going to 'legally' get married before we leave, but no we arent. It costs $1000 to legally get married in cabo. The judge fee is 600 and the minister is 400 (cash). We have to get a blood test when we arrive and show our birth certs (and divorce papers...as this is our 2nd marriage) 

          Georgina sent us a copies of sample wedding ceremonies to choose from...since we are not making our own vows.  however, I have 2 children my fh has 1 child, so we are having them be a part of the ceremony, so we are personalising the vows to include them.

          After the ceremony, we are having 'cervezas' at the bar area by the chapel, we want to enjoy the chapel and not take off right away! do some pics then go with our photographer to do some beach pics and pics in town.

          Our photographer is Chris Schmitt from LA, I found him as he did the photos for a victoria secret model at the resort for her wedding. His reviews were good and whne I contacted him he was so excited to return to the resort for another wedding. MY fh, doesnt quite get why we spend so much for this but I told him its worth it. and his cost really was not that much higher than the photographers cabo azul recomended.

          We are using a DJ for the whole day, we decided we wanted particular songs four our preceremony, ceremony and post ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and of course the dance!! It was 1500 for the whole day and cheaper than having different musical people at various times of the day.

          Cocktails are at the firepit area, appetizers and no signature cocktail...$10 per person for one signature cocktail PLUS the bar consumption was high, we decided not to have a signature cocktail. It took me awhile to understand their "minimum" bar consumption, but yes its a "minimum" the per person charge will get higher as your event goes on and depends on how much each guest drinks.

          Dinner is at Javiers deck.....We did request jugs of water on the dinner tables, or you will get charge $5 per bottle of water. We are having 2 bottles of wine on each table with dinner, which is a cost per bottle over and above your bar consumption, depending on which bottles you choose.

          Dinner is javiers salad, filet mignon, rice and veggies with mango mousse and key lime pie for dessert...with chocolate and banana wedding cupcakes later (magicmud wedding cake topper personalised a topper for us!! soooocute!! google them, we are impressed)...the cupcakes are $7 per person or wedding cake is $10 per person.

          Ive been dealing with Leoan for flowers, cant remember the name of the company...emporium? Their cost is what georgina gave me as a quote from the begining. Not cheap at all, but our bouquets are big and lush, at the reception we will use the same flowers from the ceremony. I found cute white glass and metal laterns to put a candle inside from ikea for $4.99 to put on each table...and white frames for 99cents!! to put table numbers on one side and menu on the other. Georgina was able to ordert cabo wabo mini bottles of tequila $11 each, for guest gifts, their table number will be on the bottles.

          Overall, we love Cabo azul....BUT be prepared to pay alot...for everything! we wanted to have a farewell beach party...but s'mores were $18 per person!!!! I said for marshmellows, crackers and chocolate?? crazy expensive!! and its $300 to set up the fire...plus furniture rentals etc...it was never ending.

          we are trying to plan a welcome party at Tequilas restaurant...its very nice there....but the communication worries me a little, they take a very long time to respond to questions etc.

          If anyone has any questions please let me know!!


          #6 klt226

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            Posted 14 November 2011 - 10:14 AM

            I went with Alec & T for photography and Cabo Floral Studios for the flower. Both have been great to work with, let me know if you have any questions!

            #7 klt226

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              Posted 14 November 2011 - 10:18 AM

              I am currently still working on the music for the ceremony but we hired a guitarist to play the ceremony and a mariachi to play the cocktail hour and just use the DJ for the reception part. i can get their names if you are interested in hearing more.

              #8 Claudia4Warren

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                Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:58 PM

                Hi CAR Brides,

                I'm getting married at CAR in April 2012!  I think I'm a little behind on my planning.  I picked the date, booked the resort,  that's about it!  I'm impressed at how much you all have accomplished.  So my questions is, did Georgina or Maria send you a list of the vendors they work with or did you seek out your own? 

                #9 MikeandMew

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                  Posted 14 December 2011 - 10:10 PM


                  CONGRATS sweetie!!

                  OMG I love your post!! Thanks so much for all the details! Im so excited to see your pics! Please post  :)

                  I do have tons of questions if you dont mind letting me know when you are available after your honeymoon!!!

                  Hugs from a fellow CaboAzul Bride (to be) Mewzette


                  #10 MikeandMew

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                    Posted 14 December 2011 - 10:11 PM

                    Hello Claudia4Warren,

                    Georgina definitely sent me her list and we also seeked out our own~ Their list is a great starting point! Good luck!! Mew

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