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Joanne's OOT bags done, with much thanks to VistaPrint!

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Originally Posted by JoanneIreland View Post


Sign up for the email offers, then order multiple things in one order. All the stuff should be free and just pay shipping. Also play around with it. Sometimes I found if I added more stuff the shipping price went down instead of up! And once you place one order go into your order history and the shipping may be cheaper for a duplicate order. Good luck!


Thanks for that info! I thought I was already signed up for e-mail offers but I don't see many "free products" I can order from. I added them to my address book as it says to do in one of their e-mails. I hope that makes a difference.

P.S. I can't get over how awesome your bags are! :)

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This is awesome Joanne! Such an great idea for all of the brides out there who want something themed, but are not DIY-inclined or don't have time/patience. Pretty good if you can get free items AND free shipping! Best VP DW OOT bags I have ever seen!  cheer2.gif

Originally Posted by JoanneIreland View Post


We ordered our canvas totes from Vistaprint :

* Made the name tag myself and purchased the "Eat, Drink & Be Married" ribbon from another bride on here.



More stuff from VistaPrint ..... T-shirts, Sticky Notes, Mouse Pad, Notebook, Pen, Do Not Disturb Sign, Welcome card, etc ....




Candle, candy, tissues , His & Hers sunglasses, key chains, face clothes, hand sanitizers,




Survival Kit - Moist wipres, shout, mints, nail file, stain remover pin, gum, tooth picks, etc .....




First Aid Kit - Hand sanitizer, band aids, tylenol, advil, etc ........




Pashmena for the ladies, the tag says "To have and to hold, and to keep you from the cold" :




Favor for OOT Bag, blue ceramic wine cork :




His and Hers Flip Flops :



Hoping our guests like their OOT bags!
















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