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  1. Hi! Thank you so much! I believe the fee was $1000! The 3 nights were about 5-600 total.
  2. The picture shows purple and silver but the banner that I am selling is light pink and silver. I actually forgot to use it so it has never been used! Original price: 18.00 plus shipping
  3. 5, 120 inch Silver Round Polyester Tablecloth I originally paid $64 for just the table cloths from linentablecloth.com The table cloths and chair sashes were only used once and were hand washed.
  4. Lol thank you, you're so sweet, you looked beautiful as well! I'm having huge trouble getting used to my new last name, I had to sign something to get a dept of defense ID and I got in trouble because I signed with my maiden name.. That lady was not happy with me
  5. Also, I privatized my wedding albums on facebook so here is a slideshow of some of the pictures of our wedding day!
  6. In regards to the excursions, there are also different companies who have representatives at the desks at the regular Palma Real. They are located down the main stairs to your left and towards the back. If you tell them you are a wedding and you have your guests sign up, the bride and groom are free. My husband and I were not planning on doing any excursion but our bridal party really wanted to ride the buggies so they organized it themselves and were able to get 20 of my guests to go including us and we were able to ride for free!!! Remember to tell your guests to negotiate!! You can always bring prices down with vendors out there!!
  7. My albums on facebook are now private so here is the link to a slideshow with some of our pictures:
  8. I wore this dress once, at my wedding reception on June 28th, 2013. Retail value was $398.
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