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Grand Cayman OOT bags

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I got married in Aruba, which is obviously not the Caymans, but a tropical island nonetheless. I had more guests than some of the girls how posted on this thread (50 for me), so the OOT bags were smaller. I figured I'd share and add a different flavor for anyone who's still in the OOT bag planning phase.


The resort where we got married and where our guests stayed is an all-inclusive. I decided that it would be a little redundant to put food and drinks in the bags. I tried to include things that are useful, usually forgotten, or in keeping with our wedding theme (flip flops).



I gave 1 bag per single person, or 1 bag per couple (with most of the items doubled up - not deck of cards, aloe wipes, tourist information, letter), or 1 bag per family (same as couples' bag but with sand toy and extra gummies for the child).

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Thanks everyone.  These posts are soooo helpful.  GrandCayBride, where did you get that cute map?

Originally Posted by GrandCayBride View Post

You are welcome.......I just did it all a few months ago so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. 


And yes the shipping was relatively easy just make sure you go online and get the appropriate international shipping documents printed and filled out, it will speed up the process at Fed Ex.   Oh yeah, also was told by my wc that FED EX better than UPS.....so that is what I did. Fed ex.


Everyone was super excited to get our bags.....were used and seen on the beach while we were there...it was a backpack type.  I put welcome letter and the map show here.....


Here is picture of our koozies and M&M'koozies.jpgm and m.jpgcaymanIslandsmap-743257.jpg



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Hey there, since I started this thread, I wanted to follow up and share what I ended up using for my OOT bags.


-Tags, ribbon, and white pen from Paper Source from home

-Cartoon Map ordered online weeks ahead of time

-We designed and printed a welcome letter and itinerary at home and brought with us, wrapped it around the map with a bow.

Everything else I bought on island when I got there:

-White bags and tissue paper from Cayman party store (I blew my budget buying everything else)

-Regular & light Caybrew

-Tortuga Rum

-Tortuga Rum Cake

-Saltwater Taffy

-Shot glass


It was simple but very well received.  Decided against the toiletries etc. because I wanted to give them a sense of local flare vs. trying to guess at what they might have forgotten to pack.



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