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am I the only one NOT excited to try on dresses?

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#21 boscobel

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    Posted 07 September 2007 - 04:01 PM

    I don't know if anyone looks forward to it prior to going. I was too scared everything was going to look bad on me. I am a pretty casual dresser normally, but I also like to get spiffed up (Yes, I said "spiffed up" hahahaha). But once I went out and saw that the majority of them look beautiful on, it was alot more fun. I mean, I don't want to ever have to do it again, cuz I hate the interaction with a woman that you don't even know dressing you and all, but once it started, it was fun while it lasted. But I am glad it's over.

    #22 rodent


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      Posted 07 September 2007 - 04:06 PM

      Originally Posted by Waiting_for_Sunshine
      I think that dress is perfect! I don't think it's ultra casual either. Once you have your make up and hair done I think it will look less casual and more bridal. Congrats on doing it alone too. It was so hard for me to choose.

      Isn't it relieving to know your done?

      Thanks. Oh, by casual I meant more casual than a typical wedding dress. My first one was just plain casual & I didn't feel right in it. I definitly feel dressy in this one. But, I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable with a train & a full dress.

      Taking the digital pictures in the dressing room helped A LOT for deciding. I felt so torn between what I should do, so I showed a friend the pictures & the choice was clear. I definitly like help for making decisions, but I prefer to shop alone.

      #23 brecluse

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        Posted 07 September 2007 - 04:23 PM

        I was you 6-7 months ago. I adore my flip-flops and jeans, and I did not want the dress to be a big expensive deal.

        I was going to do a simple summer dress in white, and I ordered a cotton dress from J Crew, but it was WAY too see-through and didn't look that great on me and then my mom and sis (and even FH) said I should do the dress trying on thing just to do it-to have the complete experience so I wouldn't later feel like I missed something.

        So I did, I dreaded it because I am definitely not a sample size, but the sales ladies (I actually only had one who really helped me with dresses and "attended" to me) were all perfectly nice to me, and surprise, surprise I ended up falling in love with something totally traditional, and I'll still be wearing my flip-flops with it.

        When you do go just have fun with it and trust yourself to know what you want, and don't worry about it too much in the meantime.
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        #24 jajajaja

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          Posted 08 September 2007 - 12:28 PM

          Originally Posted by brecluse

          When you do go just have fun with it and trust yourself to know what you want, and don't worry about it too much in the meantime.
          Perfect advise!
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          #25 tvt

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            Posted 09 September 2007 - 05:14 PM

            i see i am definitely not alone! sounds like you all and fun after you got out there, that's really great to know! it actually might motivate me to get out there.

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