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Damn I Lost My Wedding Ring On Honeymoon And Then BURST Both Ear Drums Trying To Find It - Don't make the same mistake

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So we had just had the perfect blue sky warm wedding day on the Amalfi Coat Italy  and scurried off heavily in love to an amazing hotel near Ravello to spend our honeymoon.


Everything was truly perfect... and then it happened




Here is us on the Day


The reason why I am writing this post is that  I beg you do not make the same simple mistake I did. It's an easy one to make and this is how it happened.


We awoke to yet another fine day (day 3 of the honey moon) and as usual hurried down to the beach to chillax for the day.


After a heavy dose of sun cream on my wife's back (still makes me smile writing wife...) I headed over to the rocks and decided to dive off and swim on over to the waterfall near by.


About half way there (.5 miles) I noticed I couldn't feel my ring, I panicked looked at my hand and it was gone.




Seems that not only does swimming makes your fingers shrink just enough to help your well fitting wedding ring loose a little but factor 30 sun cream also works as an amazing lubrication to guarantee that it comes off!


So anyway  I am treading water half a mile from the beach super angry.


I dive down, it's deep (around 20 ft) I reach the bottom barley and look around and can't see it 


I swim back, grab the snorkel and mask and spend the next 5 hours diving in a straight line - up and down and up and down desperate  to find it.


Eventually I gave up and decided to drive to the local town (Positano)  to find a suitable replacement and settled for a temporary silver one that was clunky and heavy and a little uncomfortable. 


As we headed back to the hotel, I decided to go for a second swim and thats when problem number two happened.


I dove down but this time I had a harsh pain in my ear and I could only get half way down to the bottom  and after closer inspection that night I had burst my ear drum.


So after much deliberation, heartache and looking around would you believe two twists came out of it.


The first being that the ring was Titanium and since loosing it I have heard countless times about how dangerous they are.


Aparantley they are dangerous because you can not cut it off - so if your finger swells after an injury many people  will loose their finger before the ring.


Me being me has already broken my hands and wrists countless times (normally on a mountain somewhere) so the reality is very true


The second - when we got home, it made us smile that a little peace of us was out there still and it's a real life treasure hunt to leave our kids and their kids and so on.


Whilst some of you will be reading this as a lame attempt of justifying a very sad event, I am sure some of you will take two things form it.


The first is DRY YOUR HANDS AFTER SUNCREAM and secondly If it happens to you on your DW don't let it spoil the rest of the Honeymoon it's a real life treasure hunt for generations to come.



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I had an almost identical story, lost my ring on day 3 honeymoon. I was swimming off our hotel clubhouse. Me and other guests dived but it was too deep. I couldn't let it go do emailed scuba companies asking them to incorporate a lesson with a recky for the ring. Eventually my hotel phoned a diver and for 100 euros he went and found it. Took him 3 minutes as I'd remembered where I was. Me and my wife were so releavedlosing it was such a horrible feeling. Don't sun tan lotion and swim, bad recipe. Please take your ring off!!

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