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Tequilla Sunrise Fishing Adventures -- DO NOT USE

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Hey Ladies, I have been back from my wedding/honeymoon now for almost 2 1/2 weeks and am officially ready, after trying multiple times to give this company the opportunity to respond to my 'issues', to air my grievances.


Let me start out by saying, that we decided early on that we wanted to give our fathers and groomsmen an 'experience' as their wedding gift, rather than something material.  Seeing as my husband, our fathers and a lot of the groomsmen enjoy fishing, we knew we wanted to pay for a private charter for them to go on a deep sea fishing trip. 


I had quite a bit of communication early on with Glen Turbeville, the captain at Tequilla Sunrise, and was feeling very comfortable with their company.  As soon as we sent in our deposit, communication abruptly ended.  I had to email him multiple times in order to get him to state that he DID receive our deposit.  As the trip approached, I emailed him at least a 1/2 dozen times, trying to confirm our trip with him, as well as the transportation he promised us.  Finally, a few days before our wedding day, I heard back.  Everything was set and ready to go (they were going the morning of our wedding).


Glen set up roundtrip transportation to pick the guys up at our resort and bring them back after the trip for $40 total.  I will get back to our issue with how this ended up in a minute.


As for the trip, I was very clear before I booked their trip that my husband did NOT want to troll fish (the boat never stops), he wanted to bottom fish (where the boat goes out into the water and stops).  When I asked if this was a possibility, Glen told me, and I quote "Of course! Any type of trip you prefer. Thanks, Glen".  It wasn't until they were out on the water that they found out they would in fact be troll fishing, not bottom fishing as we had reserved.  When my husband told them about our previous communication about this, Glen replied "oh, I get so many emails, I usually just delete them" (which would explain why I had to email him sometimes 3 or 4 times before getting a reply) and then proceeded to say that they were already out on the water and that there was no way they could bottom fish.  Now here they are, stuck on a boat for 4 hours, on a fishing trip that none of them are going to really enjoy. Because of the type of fishing they ended up with, only two of the guys the entire trip got to touch a fishing rod...Imagine the experience with a 4 hour fishing trip and 9 guys.  Not to say they didn't have on OK time, they caught two fish (hence the two guys who got to touch a fishing rod..with this type of fishing they don't hand you the rod unless there is a fish to reel in).  We were just very upset that we spent that much money on a gift that we don't really feel like ended up a gift at all :o(.


As for the transportation, the boat ended up arriving back at the port about 15-20 minutes later than originally planned (obviously not our guys' fault!?), and upon arrival back at our resort, Glen's driver, Mr. Cruz, grabbed my husband by the arm and told him that he owed him more money because he had to wait for them...and he wouldn't let him go until he handed him another $20.  Not at all an experience he wanted to have now just a few hours before our wedding!!!


All in all, I picked this company because their prices seemed the most affordable.  As far as cost, spend the extra $50 or so to go with another company.  I know that there at least a few others to chose from.


FYI -- this is the website of this company, so that you know what to avoid -- http://www.chartermexico.com/

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