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  1. The asian restaurant was my favorite! Mundaca is the steakhouse, which was really good too. I didn't like Hacienda, the Mexican one, it took almost 1 hour to have our appetizer/
  2. On the day of the wedding, bride and groom can remove the arm bands, but save them to return them at the front desk.
  3. Everything went great!! the wedding was better than i imagined. Edith was wonderful!! The weather is beautiful! I'm going for my TTD later. the only problem is with the spa, they are such a mess. Confirm you appts as soon as you arrive!! They wanna charge me $65 to apply just a waterproof mascara for me.
  4. Aventura only have free transportation in the morning, you have to take a taxi if you're going at a later time. I paid $52 or 560 pesos for 14 ppl.
  5. I just used DJ doremixx, Omar and Temor was great. I met with Ivan a day before my wedding at the hotel, he is very nice, he went tru the playlists with us. He even played french music. My family were very happy. I danced all night!! I will recommend him! I forgot to bring the song for my wedding video. Ivan sent me a CD with the song ''Lucky'' both in english and spanish versions. I told the videographer to play the english version in the beginning and the spanish version at the end of the video. They were GREAT!!!!
  6. Hi J-me, The same thing happened to me, I will suggest you to call the office in Miami. A month before my wedding i decided to hire a DJ. I had a quote from DJ Doremixx for $800 . When i asked my WC, she said no outside vendors and sent me their approved DJ which was 4 hours for $ 1500, No way i would pay that money!!. So, I emailed Yesenia from Miami 1 week before the wedding and asked her if it was okay to use DJ Doremixx, she said yes. Ivan was so great to work with!! My wedding was their first time at Aventura Palace but he worked at other Palace Resorts. My wedding was on Saturday November 5th, Ivan and Omar ( his assistant) came on Friday to view the reception location and went thru every songs and all the bridal party's name with us. He made sure everything was right! Husband and I made a lot of changes and he was very patient . Also, i left the song for my wedding video , i told Ivan about it and he sent me a CD with the english and spanish versions of the song.During our meeting, I told him that some of my family are coming from my country and didn't speak english, He played French/haitian music which was wonderful!! There was no fee, i only purchased 2 guests pass.
  7. Hi ladies , this is a picture of Muracas Terrace, I'm having my wedding reception there!!!
  8. Hi Jess! I see you had the harpist, was it worth the money? Did you pick the songs for him to play... and how did you get in touch with him? Also for the ceremony, do i have to bring my own readings and for the officiant?
  9. My wedding coordinator was Edith. Now, it's Mercedes. I don't know if she's good or not, I'm going to email her today.
  10. My bridemaids color are cognac from David's bridal. I'll be wearing the same color shoes. Quote: Originally Posted by amberm390 Sachele, I can't wait to see your pictures because I'm getting the Amber package also! We are getting married about a month after you on December 10:) What color bridesmaid dresses are you having?
  11. Hi Edyta, I'm having the welcome dinner at the Mundaca steakhouse. My reception will be at the Maracas Terrace, I heard from past brides that Mundaca Steakhouse was really good. Since i have kids coming i can only stay on the Cove side. Yes, we can meet up, that'll be nice! Who's doing your hair/makeup?
  12. Edyta, What time is your wedding ceremony? i'm going to be there from 11/1- 11/14. Mine will be at 4pm at coba Gazebo! I also upgraded to Amber collection, and i'll be using decocancun for the reception. 79 days to go! and so much to do.
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