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Another bride needs help!

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I've never been to Hawaii so any help, advice, tips are welcomed!  Not sure on even where to start?!  I'm just now planning my wedding for next June.  I'm hoping I can find somewhere soon so I can really get the ball rolling.


We will have a very small and intimate wedding w/only us, our kids and my parents.  We would like it on the beach but I keep reading the beaches do not allow arches, chairs etc.  Anyone know of a good place for such a small and intimate wedding?


If we chose a resort, I would prefer something that isn't too fancy, busy, big.  I would prefer something smaller, secluded; if possible, peaceful.  We are ones to just relax by the pool and beach.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much!!!

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I've shot a wedding last August 2010 and March 2011 at

White Orchid Wedding Beach House, Makena, Maui, Hawaii. Nothing can beat this place for wedding location. The ceremony and reception are held next to the beach and the magnificent view of the sunset is just amazing! The black volcanic rocks blocking the giant waves near the beach house gives you a spectacular viewing experience of the beach in Maui. And of course, Itâ€s a perfect background for any wedding shoot.

They have a makeup artist, caterer, musician, luau dancers and cake is also included in the package.


Happy planning!



Ron Soliman, Wedding Destination PhotoJournalist



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