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My OOT Bags so far! *Pics included*

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I want to start by saying that in following this site and reading alot of other Brides entries have given me so many ideas.. so thank you to everyone for all of their great ideas!


We are getting married in Jamaica, February 23rd, 2012.. so i know this is far in advance, but being from Canada, alot of our things have to be ordered online as i couldn't seem to find alot of things pertaining to destination weddings here. That and knowing that Canada post was going to be going on strike, i wanted to get this stuff before they did so i didn't have to stress about how i would get a lot of this stuff... 


These are our Bottle openers, travel sewing kits and chap sticks. We got them from littlethingsfavors.com They are pretty cute. They come blank, with the pre printed labels and then you just have to stick them all on yourself. 


OOT bag items


Here is the back of the bottle openers. I chose these ones because they had the two different types of opening the bottle, and they have a little magnet on them so you can put them on the fridge :)




the black and white canvas bag in the back is what we chose for the actual OOT bag. We got those from oriental Trading. and the small box is a silver starfish bookmark. 



The clear pouch is what we chose for the waterproof wallets. we ordered the wrist coils from oriental trading, and the lanyards we bought a huge bag of various colors. we decided to include a lanyard and a wrist coil, so they could choose how they would like to keep them :) I will be making little cards to put in the pouches.



We also have beach balls that we got from Oriental trading that we are also putting in the bags that i don't have a picture of just yet. I will be making little welcome booklets to put in the front pocket of the canvas bag but i am not sure what they are going to look like yet..


I am still looking at putting together some survival kits, and first aid kits etc.. based on alot of other ideas from brides on here, but i am still in search of ones that will be affordable. I have 40 OOT bags, as we will have 35-40 guests.. so i am trying to keep it as affordable as possible. 


Anyway, thanks for looking.. 


Jen (luvmoo)

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