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Planning A Wedding in Cabo San Lucas ~ we will appreciate any help you can give.

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#1 WeLoveCabo

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    Posted 31 May 2011 - 09:23 PM

    Hi there,


    We just came back from an amazing vacation in Cabo San Lucas.  We loved it there and are planning to have our intimate wedding in Cabo.  We would like to get an idea on how much an intimate wedding would cost.  We want it to be intimate, special and would like the keep the cost down.  We are planning to have 25-30 people in attendance.


    • How much per person all inclusive would be for dinner? 
    • We want to have a beach wedding.
    • Wedding photographer
    • Wedding Videographer
    • Flowers/decorations
    • DJ
    • Hairdresser/Make Up Artist


    Would you please share your experience with me so I can use it for our wedding planning?  I will appreciate any help you can give.


    Thank you so much in advance.




    #2 mari15t

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      Posted 06 June 2011 - 06:26 PM

      Hi Faye,


      I am planning for my Cabo wedding in October.  We initially planned on having 40-45 guests attending, but we are now @ 63 total. My wedding is taking place @ Dreams Los Cabos. Here is what we are spending on our vendors:


      -Dinner - Dreams is an all inclusive resort, but their wedding packages include only up to 24 guests.  Our wedding package was $2060 when we signed the contract, but I believe the cost is now up to 2600.  The cost per person (for any guests over 24) is $65. They did have one package that was cheaper than mine and one that was more expensive.  The only difference b/w my package and the more $$ one is a musical trio which is included in the more expensive package and is for the ceremonial music.


      - We are getting married at a wedding gazebo so our ceremony isnt costing us too much. If you decide to do a beach wedding, you may need to pay for a wedding arch if you want one.


      -Photographer- 5 hours of photos + 2 small albums with 100 photos and one large coffee table album w/50 photos = $2,600 (I thought this was a really good deal compared to other rates we were quoted)


      -Flowers-  You can spend a lot on flowers!!! I am not going crazy with flowers, but I did choose calla lillies and orchids which are more expensive flowers. Our total for my bouquet, 5 BM bouquets, 7 boutoneirres, 2 corsages, 2 ceremony arrangements, and 8 table centerpieces was around 1,200. 


      - DJ- I'm not too sure about this because my FI has been in charge of the music and DJ, but i think our total cost is around 1,500.  But we have hired him for the ceremony (was cheaper for his mics than the resorts), he will play preceremony music, processional music, cocktail hr and for our 4 hr reception. 


      - Makeup/Hair- I haven't even hired anyone for hair / makeup yet because I was unsure what I was doing. But I think I am going to hire someone for my hair and have my girlfriend do my makeup. From what I've read on this site, you will likely pay around $240 for a hair/makeup package.


      I hope this helps!!! Happy planning!!  Let me know if you have any other questions.  I know how frustrated I was when I first began planning and it took FOREVER to hear back from vendors and resorts on pricing.

      #3 claudiabenitez

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        Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:27 PM

        Hi WeLoveCabo!! 


        Sometime the All Inclusive aren't the cheapest option, but you may wanna check Presidente Intercontinental and Hola Grand Faro in San Jose del Cabo (which is 30 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas, you may wanna consider transportation) or Villa del Arco, Villa del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas. An annoying but cheap option is to come on a Timeshare Getaway. I got my in-laws an All Inclusive package in Hacienda Encantada last X-mas 5 nights for two for $599. You have to attend a 90 minute presentation but as long as you say no, you'll be fine. http://www.haciendaencantada.com/ I believed my catering service was 35 usd per person for a 3 course meal plus alcohol and wedding.


        I had a beach wedding with a chuppa and it's totally worth it! I pretty much quoted with every florist in town and the best prices where from Rayen. Claudia was amazing, and even if her English is a little rough around the edges, communication wasn't an issue. Don't remember her webpage but I can give you her facebook page http://www.facebook....p.in.Cabo.Rayen or her email claudiamd64@hotmail.com


        Photographer and videographer can be crazy expensive, I had Juan Carlos Tapia for my wedding. I heard that Enrique Morales is really good and fairly priced, this is his webpage http://emweddings.com/blog/


        The DJ was a family friend and I did my make-up and hair at the Mayan Spa so not much help there. Good luck and happy planning

        #4 MyGirlTuesday

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          Posted 11 June 2011 - 12:04 PM

          Hi WeLoveCabo,


          I am not really your traditional bride--all I've known for a while is that I wanted a beach wedding so when my fiance and I decided on Cabo, it was so exciting, but scary! Planning a vacation for 20-30 people and within my $10K budget seemed overwhelming! Actually, we're offering our guests what I think is going to be an amazing couple of days and we're within our budget.


          Please keep in mind that I am a no frills type of girl and I'm not going to be fussy about flowers, themes, colors, etc. My FI and I also wanted our wedding to be as close to the marina as possible because that is where all the fun is! So we chose not to go AI, and chose a small boutique hotel to host our wedding guests instead: The Hotel Bahia. They gave us awesome room rates!


          My wedding coordinator hooked us up with a great beach location and a very low location fee right outside of The Medano Beach Club. She saved us $500-$1000. We plan to have a welcome dinner/rehearsal on Friday at The Medano Beach Club. A two hour open bar and buffet will cost around $55/person and Friday and Saturday nights they have live music and a beach bonfire so our guests will have some entertainment without costing us a thing. I think it will be really fun. 


          Saturday, wedding day, we will meet the judge at her chambers at noon and be officially married (we're going this route in MX instead of getting married in the states first--this is up to you. Our WC told me she could have the blood work back in 24 hours, instead of the 4 days you'll see quoted on various websites, and we like the idea of signing the official document on our actual wedding day) and then FI's dad will be the officiant at the ceremony. This saves us around $300. The wedding will be at 3:30 in the afternoon and for our reception, we'll board The Tropicat Sunset Cruise ship (sail boat!) and take a two hour reception with open bar and heavy (yummy!) appetizers. The reception should be over around 7 pm and guests are free to do whatever they wish! The boat, all tips, taxes, etc will be just over $3000. It's by far the most expensive thing we're paying for, but we loved our time on the Tropicat last time we visited Cabo and wanted our guests to experience it as well. Most people flip the two events--boat for rehearsal, dinner for reception, but we're just not like that. :)


          Here are our other various expenses: sound system for ceremony--around $200. Chair and other rentals for ceremony: $200. Wedding canopy: $500. OOT Bags: $500. Prof. Photographer: $500/hr. (We're only scheduling one hour because my sister is a prof. photographer. We are paying for her accomodations in exchange for some shots of the reception on the boat. We are also bringing a laptop and the guests will have a card in their welcome packet asking them to upload the pics they took of their time in Cabo/Wedding before they leave so we'll have them).


          We're not having attendants. The only fresh flowers that I believe we'll have will be my bouquet: aprox $100. We're really going to capitalize on the surroundings and push this event as a fun, casual thing (no linens, centerpieces, etc). And we're under our budget! :) (The few things I haven't priced yet are: transportation for the guests from the airport to hotel--since my guest list is small, I asked people to book with other friends/family members to consolidate transportation. They did, and I think we'll only need 3-4 suburbans! Also I have yet to price our transportation from the ceremony to the Tropicat.)

          #5 proti007

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            Posted 11 June 2011 - 06:47 PM

            Congrats Faye!


            I'm getting married at Dreams Los Cabos next month. Ultimately, you and your FI will have to set a budget that you are comfortable with, and stick to it!!! Here's a breakdown of ours.


            1. Cost PP for dinner: We went with the Ultimate Package at Dreams, which cost us $2800. That includes dinner for 20 guests, so the additional 16 people in our party will cost $70pp.


            Here is a link to the Dreams Los Cabos wedding guide: http://www.dreamsres...ur-wedding.html


            2. If you want to get married on a beach,a n you're getting married at an AI, that shouldn't cost you anything!


            3. Wedding Photographer/Videographer: We opted out of the photo/video Dreams offered us in the package we purchased, and they gave us a $500 credit that we used towards our florist. Our photographer and videographer are a husband/wife team, and the cost of their services was $5000. That includes 8 hours of day of photo/video, a disk of high res images (30 favourites and the rest colour corrected), three copies of the full movie, a day-after session that they threw in as a gift, and a $500 credit towards our album. We are flying in our team with us, so we also had to pay for their flights, accommodations for three nights, meals and rental car. Those extra costs were about $1500.


            4. Our flowers cost $1500, less the $500 resort credit, we're paying $1000. That includes my bouquet, four bridesmaids bouquets, grooms boutonniere + groomsmen boutonniere and FoB & FoG, 2 corsages for Mob & SMoG, 2 huge altar arrangements, and all of our centrepieces. Decor I would have to add up, because I've ordered tons of of Etsy, and just buy random stuff all of the time (ie. candle lanterns from Z Gallerie & Urban Barn, reclaimed barnwood frames for table numbers, burlap fabric for table runners, cake topper, burlap just married sign, and so on). I would say we've probably spent $1500 on additional decorations.


            5. DJ is costing $1250. That includes 4 hours of music at hour reception, plus ceremony music.


            6. Hair & makeup were expensive. For trial H/MU, day of H/MU and day-after session H/MU, it cost $600 with gratuity and tax.


            I would say altogether with our stay over the 10 days at Dreams, our flights, and all of the wedding costs, we are spending around $23000. Costs not mentioned already: attire for bridesmaids ($1000), attire for groomsmen ($1000), bridesmaids and mothers of B&G gifts ($1000), groomsmen and fathers of B&G gifts ($1000), welcome sunset boat cruise for all guests ($1000). 


            I hope this helps!!!



            #6 mastar

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              Posted 21 June 2011 - 04:40 PM

              Hi Brides to be-


              Can anyone give out some suggestions of good times of the year weather wise to have a wedding in Cabo. When its not extremely hot or hurricane rainy season. 



              #7 Pucca

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                Posted 25 August 2011 - 04:57 PM

                I'm not sure that Cabo has a real rainy season but outside of July, August, and possibly September, all the other months are great, I believe. You can google Cabo Weather. There was a site that gave the average temps for the year, but I can't remember what it was. You can also look on this site:


                Hi Brides to be-


                Can anyone give out some suggestions of good times of the year weather wise to have a wedding in Cabo. When its not extremely hot or hurricane rainy season. 




                #8 tphanders

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                  Posted 09 April 2012 - 03:35 PM

                       Hi there!


                       Just wondering who you used for flowers? 

                  Originally Posted by mari15t 


                  -Flowers-  You can spend a lot on flowers!!! I am not going crazy with flowers, but I did choose calla lillies and orchids which are more expensive flowers. Our total for my bouquet, 5 BM bouquets, 7 boutoneirres, 2 corsages, 2 ceremony arrangements, and 8 table centerpieces was around 1,200. 




                  #9 erikag17

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                    Posted 25 March 2013 - 01:28 PM

                    Hello! I am also planning a wedding in Cabo for October 2014. I am researching coordinators and have my heart set on one, but concerned that with my small budget, I am going to pay a lot for her. Is anyone willing to let me know what you paid for your wedding coordinator? How much was Tammy at Cabo wedding services??


                    Thank you so much!



                    #10 JesseWolffCabo

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                      Posted 31 March 2013 - 08:55 AM

                      Dear Erika,


                      Hope you are doing great!


                      Please contact us, it would be a pleasure to help you plan your perfect Wedding.


                      You can email us at:






                      Please make sure to see our Website at:




                      Have a great day!!


                      Kindest Regards,


                      Jessica Wolff

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