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  1. Janelle, You looked soooo beautiful on your wedding day! Congrats Beautiful video!
  2. Looks beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see more photo
  3. Yay!! Glad to hear everything went well!!! Congatulations on your wedding Any pics yet???
  4. Hi! I got married 3 weeks ago @ Dreams! I also had some difficulties getting in contact with my WC at times while planning. They are busy though and you will see when you get down there in February. I'll be happy to answer any ?'s for you....
  5. Our rehersal dinner was held @ El Portofino. I was really upset because we paid a lot of $$ for it, and we were seated outside. El Portofino is not that big, so I think thats why, but I was still very upset. Aside from that, the setup for the rehersal dinner looked pretty. They do make cute printed menus for you. Marv and I selected a salad and then 3 main courses for our guests to choose from. We also selected one dessert. I chose Portofino because I knew from my site visit that this would be a little more intimate than other options. El Patio is a buffet restaurant when it is open for resort guests. We chose to do our welcome cocktail at the Rendevous bar, which is the lobby bar. It cost us absolutely nothing which is why we chose this. Because we had 60 guests, we had to cut back somewhere because all the little details like rehersal dinner, OOT bags, welcome cocktail, they def start adding up. So our guests met us there between 730-9 pm and we introduced everyone. We had ppl come from FL, NY, SC, MD, NC, PA, etc.... so not everyone had been formally introduced and this was a nice time to do that. Also, we had a rep for a Excursion company handing out our OOT bags (our TA hooked us up with them as the excursion company arranged our transport to and frm airport) as guests checked in, but any that she did not hand out we gave out at our welcome cocktail. To be honest, looking back, I wish we had done something a little more interactive. Initially I was going to do a tequila tasting thing, but decided against it because my mother is a strict christian and I didn't want her, her best friend, or her sister to feel uncomfortable. But it would have probably been funner and it was not very expensive. I saw lots of couples do a casino night welcome event which seemed fun. I also saw one welcome cocktail on the beach and it looked really pretty.
  6. I just got back from Cabo on Sunday eve, and am so glad that we chose El Dorado ballroom for our reception. The size of the room was perfect for our 60 guests and nice to get some AC after our 25 min outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. If anyone is considering the ballroom for their event, I would definitely recommend it!!
  7. Resort Walking down the aisle Exchanging rings
  8. I don't have any of the professional photos yet, but I can upload a few pics that friends took and have posted on Facebook. When do you leave for Cabo? Have you had a hard time getting in touch with Magda?
  9. JBailey- Just got back today. You will have an amazing time! Magda was wonderful. A few minor things did not go as planned, but I'm happy with everything. Our guests had a great time at Dreams and Magda works so hard to make all her brides happy. If you are anything like me, you are probably stressing right now about last minute details and Magda not getting back to you, but I promise it will all work out!!!
  10. My fiance and I leave for Cabo on Tuesday and will be married on Friday 10/7/11 @ Dreams. I am soooooo excited!!!! Any other Dreams October brides out there?
  11. I have never worked with Guillermo, but I am also getting married @ Dreams and have been having issues with my coordinator as well! I caught a little attitude today with her because I have been waiting on a reply to an email sent over 2 weeks ago and my wedding is in 17 days!! She got a liitle nasty right back, but at least I got her attention and my questions answered. My WC is Magda, but she did mention that there had been lots of changes in their department...whatever that means. I would just send him another email. Its really all you can do But I just wanted to tell you that I can relate to your frustration!!! Guess we just have to trust that everything will be O.K.
  12. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has personally had their hair styled by the salon @ Dreams and if so, were you happy with the stylists? I have not hired anyone to do my hair for my wedding because hair/makeup is included in my package. As the wedding gets closer, I'm getting more nervous about this though. My hair is naturally very curly and I need to make sure these ladies at the salon know what they are doing!
  13. This is what I wrote in mine. Our wedding is taking place in Mexico next month. Only 4 days after yours Family and Friends, Bienvenidos!!! We are glad that you have made it to Mexico safely and are thrilled that you have decided to join us for what we hope will be a fun, relaxing, and unforgettable weekend. We are grateful for being blessed with such loving and supportive family and friends and cannot put into words how much it means to us that you have traveled so far to be here with us to celebrate such an important day in our lives. We thank you for making the long trip because without each of you, our vision of a perfect wedding would not be complete. Please accept this bag of goodies as a small token of our appreciation. We look forward to the weekend festivities as we celebrate our marriage and our new life together. We love you and hope that these next few days will be as memorable for you as they will be for us. Hope this helps!
  14. Oh my gosh. I feel so silly, mrssuzuki. Please disregard that last comment. :/
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