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Sony iPod Dock and Fingertip Length Veil w/Edged Detail For Sale

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After a great deal of research and trying out a bunch of different docks for quality and volume (plugged in and running off battery) I bought the Sony RDP-XF100iP new for the purpose of using it at my reception. The WC ended up allowing us to use their sound system, so we didn't use it, but I have all the original packaging, remote, adapters, charger, etc. and am selling it for $125 plus shipping, it retails on Amazon for $200.


I am also selling my gently used white single layer fingertip veil. It is a simple veil with edge detail that went very well with my dress.  The entire edge is lined with sequins and beads.  I am selling it for $40 plus shipping.


PM if interested in either item.

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