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January Honeymoon Help

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Hi everyone! You ladies are always a huge help, so I'm hoping to get your input on another subject. :) 


We are cutting our wedding trip short due to expenses and time. So, we'll be in Cancun/Riviera Maya at the Moon Palace for about a week. Then, flying back home, Sunday to recuperate, and then it's back to work. 


We're planning on taking our honeymoon (1 week) in January, but really need advice and suggestions on where to go. It would be around January 15 - January 21. We're open to all suggestions!! 


Here's some info that might help suggestions: 

-while MP is all inclusive, we're totally open to a more "real world" vacation. Touring with locals, finding random food spots, doing our own thing, etc. 

-If we can do it on the cheap, all the better!!! 

-Open to other areas in Mexico, but prefer other countries/locations. 

-Open to tropical or urban/ big city 

-We enjoy nice things, but nothing has to be top of the line

-we like to go with the flow 

-we only have one week

-belize, costa rica, DR, bahamas, jamaica? Any suggestions there? 

-we're departing from San Antonio, Texas and returning home to Los Angeles, CA



Thank you SO SO much ladies! We really need your help on this! :) 

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Good afternoon,

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I would say your best bet is to get in contact with a travel agent.  They should be able to provide you with some suggestions.

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