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Villa Weddings Brides - Jamaica!

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Good Luck, it sounds like you have your hands full.  That's a great number of folks for a Destination Wedding!  The Villa I'm looking at sleeps 16 but I understand there are 'Sister Villa' arrangements if you're interested.  I too, resist the all-inclusive and don't want folks strolling the beach between "through sickness and health" so am voting for the privacy of the Villa.  Be careful, some villas charge extra for guests not lodging at the Villa to attend the festivities which would make it more expensive in your case.  I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having a hard time making a decision.  LOL

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Hello all,


Sorry I have been off the site for ages but I just wanted to touch base. My villa wedding was the most amazing day, a dream that went by too quickly. I am still waiting for our pics for me to post a full report but ladies, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!


Watch this space.... :)



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Hello Catererbride!


I'm so glad that your wedding was so amazing!! You have to give details!! I am looking forward to your pics! Its coming down to the wire for me and I'm starting to get nervous. Can't wait to hear and see the details of yours!


Take care

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KRRR - here is my honest opinion...I visited Endless Summer Villa in Montego Bay when I was there on my scouting trip this past March. I immediately ruled it out for a couple reasons:

1 - the photos look nice, but the upkeep wasn't up to my standards. the rooms looked a bit shabby as did the grounds

2 - because it's in a private neighborhood, it lends an exclusive vibe which is nice. however, you have no control over what the neighbors are doing. so for example when we were visiting, the villa across the street was having a party with loud music, lots of scandalously-dressed people, and tons and tons of vehicles parked on the narrow street (including a bus) -- which i'm sure you can imagine made it difficult to find parking but it was also sooooo loud and distracting. you can't control things like that, and i'm a very controlling person :x

3 - since i'm hoping for 75 people, it didn't look like the ceremony space had enough room. it was on the 2nd floor terrace overlooking the pool with a beautiful ocean backdrop. but it just was not enough space.

Originally Posted by KRRR View Post

We also have our eyes set on Endless Summer Villa in Montego Bay!  We're planning on utilizing all 7 bedrooms with are closest family members and friends.  This Villa is advertised by at least three Villa rental company's.  Not sure which to choose but Villas by Linda Smith offered up to on-ground Coordinators in the Jamaica area.  Did you complete your on site visit?  We are considering booking without one.  I've read good reviews and don't mind the 'do it yourself' role.  Let me know what you found, saw, heard.  Thanks and best wishes. 


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I liked the idea of a villa wedding -- everyone can stay at a nearby resort within their means and then travel to the exclusive off-site location! But I would really recommend making a trip to see it in person. Pictures can sometimes be a little misleading. You also want to know exactly what you're getting into. However sometimes this added expense isn't in the budget, in which case make the most out of these forums!


I booked my wedding at Half Moon before they went under new management with rock resorts, so I'm not familiar with these packages (Allure, etc). Maybe I just have a bad memory, but I don't recall these options. I'm doing a welcome dinner at Sugar Mill on Thursday, having my guests participate in the Beach BBQ on Friday, and then the wedding is on Saturday.

What I can tell you is that what you see is what you get with Half Moon. The photos on the website are stunning, as is the property.


What are you leaning towards at this point? Once you settle on the location, you'll feel better :) That's the hardest part I think!

Originally Posted by FoxyRoxy30 View Post

Nothing yet.


I've reached out to a number of villas and they are definitely less pricey than the all-inclusives, but now I feel as though I need to go and see them as opposed to just pictures on line.


I looked into Half Moon, but unless I contacted the wrong place (someone from Rock Resorts replied to me), they quoted me ~$18,000 for 30 guests (Allure package), so with our extensive list, that definitely wasn't going to happen.


Leah22 & mrsrobinson... what prices did you get? Is this the same place? My contact person is Danielle Dunfee.


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Ok so here goes, my wedding experience.....


I should start by saying that I was told by every wedding planner that I contacted to organize my wedding that I was asking too much and it couldn't be done. Oh and they all wanted up to $2500 for the priviledge of me doing all the work. I didn't end up using one and this is what happened:


Went out to Jamaica on 15th August to finalize arrangements for 7th Sept Wedding. Spent the next few weeks driving all over Jamaica to source the following:


Catering - had actually organized this from UK via email. His name is Gregory Nelson and he is fabulous! I am a trained chef and catering Manager and have very high standards when it comes to food. This is no 'rice and peas' chef. He was trained in France and is the Sous Chef of a resort in Ocho Rios. Wonderful man, very passionate about what he does, very reassuring and so so meticulous. I wanted 'family style service' i.e. where guests serve themselves at the tables. Dishes of each menu item in the centre of the table so that by passing to/serving each other, they interact more and also if they didn't like certain items, they didn't have to eat them and if they wanted 2nd or 3rd helpings....then they could :) Worked out great. Gregory also sorted our bar out for us which as having a villa wedding, we had considered doing ourselves but considering that would have meant sorting coolers, ice, extra tables, glassware, enough drink and servers...we just wanted less hassle. In my opinion, Gregory is very reasonably priced.


No offense about the rice and peas part either...he can cook Jamaican food very well too. My husband :) is Jamaican so we actually had an informal family cook off welcome party with all the traditional Ja yummy food.


EG_390_2011.jpg    EG_412_2011.jpg



Photographer: Again sorted him out whislt in UK. Merrick Cousley. Lovely guy - very humble and modest. Quietly goes about and does his thing without feeling like he was in the way or too bossy at any point. I think he charges fairly too for the quality of his work. Only annoying thing was waiting 6 weeks for our picks when he originally said 4...but hey, I would rather wait and be this happy than get 'average' pics instantly! He arrived slightly before arranged - at 2pm - bearing in mind our service wasn't until after 5pm and he didn't leave until past midnight. No way I would have paid an hourly rate lol!   


My favourite picture without doubt (though there are sooooooooo many):





But then agian there's this one.....when our son was asked to give the rings, forgot they were in his pocket, so ran off to look inside the villa for them!! :)





Cake - a massive let down. Went through Sheila's Bakery which is in Ocho Rios but doesn't have a website. We went there ourselves and saw that it was a professional set up and gave them our cake requirements and this picture:



And ended up with this!...





What an embarrassment! Glad Merrick only took one pic of it and that it at least tasted good. Ladies, let's be honest, what crap.


Music: Fabulous band that my fiance found and I can hook any of you up that are interested. VEEEERRRRY cheap considering - under $1500 for 6 hours including a guitarist for the ceremony:




My hubby even got on the mic for a bit...but hey, you met a Jamaican that doesn't sing?!


Wedding Make Up: My best friend :) she did great I think, plus I am obviously a very au natural kind of gal:





Flowers: Only got a few bunches for the head table from a local florist - super cheap and our bouquets were made out of buttons!







Centre pieces, quizzes, menus etc:






The entertainment and the extras:



Mini Golf!









A local rasta who painted our reception 'as it happened'!




Floating lanterns :)


And finally, our exit vehicle.....





Ladies, this day, our day, was a dream and I think one you can only truly have at a villa.


Any questions, fire away x






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