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  1. WOW, another Half Moon Bride and I note today is your wedding day. By the time you read this message you would have had the most amazing day. I look forward to comparing notes as I had the pleasure and the honour of being married at Half Moon May 2011 last year. Hope you had a glorious day.
  2. Amazing... no need to ask if you had a wonderful unforgettable day. Really pleased all went well minus any hiccups. WOW!! GP
  3. Apologies Sonn2Be MrsG, got a new assignment which kept me super busy. Andrea is indeed great..I will also say that you will get the wedding of our dreams, the wedding planners (WP) and co-ordinators at Half Moon will deliver whatever they promise (and not just cos you paying loads..LOL). I was very comfortable knowing that all that i asked for would be provided, i had lots and lots of questions and they were so patient. Advice? 1) Once you arrive try to relax and enjoy-very difficult I know but our WP was in reception to meet us when we arrived. I instantly felt relieved, being the control freak that I am (i had planned to find her the next day!!!), after checking in I told the receptionist if she could let the wedding planner know we arrived..she pretended not to understand and then smiled.why? because the WP was standing behind me waiting for us to complete check in. 2) Hire a golf cart if you can and explore the resort- we used it to take pictures around the resort. We also rented bikes one afternoon and it nice to just ride around, wind in my hair...beware time of day you do it though we had to run in after 12 as the sun was too hot (LOL). 3) Ask lots of questions- after all it is your wedding 4) Negotiate where possible, whether it be for guest rooms or overall bill. You don't ask you don't get. 5) Be sure to include father daughter dance and any other must haves in your order of reception for the master of ceremony- i took it off the order thinking that i would defo dance with my dad..guess what..i didn't. that is the one regret i have, my dad was cool about it, guess its because he doesn't like being centre of attention. The thought of dancing out in the middle of floor- he would have needed a few more drinks.. LOL 6) We had to ask WP to send message to security to restrict random guest showing up prior to wedding- you may not have this problem though. We had guest not staying at the resort who felt it necessary to "come see where the wedding will be and where they have to go on the day" what they meant was we heard about this great place called Half Moon and we want to come and be damm nosy. You may not have this problem but on three occasions PRIOR to the wedding we had off property guest, come to the security gate ask for our name and they sent them to reception. I was pissed to say the least.. especially as one afternoon I was about to take a nap when the phone rang..security tells me I have a visitor. Security did ask if they should send them to reception and you feel obliged to say yes when you really want to say no. If i think of anything else I will add but feel free to ask questions. Sorry if i asked before, but which location on Half Moon have you chosen?
  4. Soon2BeMrs G.... I am excited for you that you have chosen Half Moon, who is your wedding co-ordinator/planner if I may ask? We are almost a date twin albeit a year and one month apart, our wedding was on the 21st May 2011... I am loving the OOT bags...very very nice Keep me posted. GP
  5. CB I had an amazing hot sunny day, everything went well and we both agreed it happened so fast and we didnt want the day to end. Half Moon is the place to be OMG the service the staff the surroundings. My guest are still raving. I love what you said about marrying the love of your life, that will keep you grounded and remind you of why you are doing this. You will be relieved and happy all at the same time once its all over. Try to enjoy it as much as you can. I think one of the ladies on BDW recommends that you step back and take it all in on the day. I tried to do that but only briefly but still the memory stays with me. Hang in there and I hope all goes well on the day... keep us all updated as much as you can. GP
  6. Catererbride, How are plans progressing now, hope the stress levels are under control cos they can derail you if you are not careful. Great that you are breaking the mould and going with the villa idea and that can involve trial and error but I know for sure that you will be glad you did it this way. Stay with it and if you need support you have past present and future BDW brides to uplift you. GP
  7. Bubble bath Ice skating or roller skating?
  8. Stunning slideshow, you looked amazing congratulations. I cannot wait to get my pics now...
  9. Miss Simone, yes it was the Oleander terrace. I definitely did not want to get married on the beach so the terrace was a good compromise. I did take some shots on the sand though which were amazing.. Yes the rule still exists so we had to pay a fee, only 3 of our 60 guests could afford to stay at Half Moon. we had family from the US, Barbados, the UK and friends from Trinidad and St Lucia so people stayed at Hilton Rose Hall, Sunset Beach, Holiday Inn(which is right next door to half Moon) and a few stayed at the Rui Montego Bay. As guests were traveling at different dates and times it was hard to even try to get them all to stay at one place and thereby make some savings for them, i was getting stressed so gave up on that idea. We used Half Moon's vendors as the fee for using outside vendors was ridiculous- that said I wanted a stress free wedding so not having to source saxophonists, DJ, cake baker, florist or photographer made it easy for me to just go with Half Moon's preferred vendors. we used Michael Saab for the photos, we saw his work and of the three photographers listed he was the best. Expensive but soo worth it.He is also great to work with made me laugh the entire time I am sure my mouth is wide open in half the pictures (LOL) Hilton Rose Hall is a lot busier hotel but they have activities, entertainment in the evening etc. there is also the Strip for those who don't like hotel entertainment which can be corny to some. Let me know how your planning is going, happy to help...
  10. Hello Miss Simone I had 60 guests and my plan was al la carte, as i fell outside the 50 person package. that is not the say that you are limited to 50 but they have 10, 20 30 and 50 person packages- i guest that is based on their experience of numbers of guests for destination weddings. For 20 somethings it might be a little slow but it depends on the person and the type of experience they are expecting. Will all your guest be staying at half Moon? Half moon don't have waterparks but they have water sports, a dolphin lagoon, horseback riding not to mention the use of bicycles or carts to get around the property.We tried both cart and bicycles and it was so cool. Costs of these depend on your plan. There is a games room and pool table a few bars of course. I would suggest working out whose staying at Half moon and if you want you could get creative and design some games to be played on site. Overall remember you won't be able to please everyone. Of course there are other activities but half moon is not like other boutique resorts. Feel free to ask any questions if I can help I will. andrea Smith master wedding planner and Tashane were amazing, I am sure that if I cannot answer a question they will be sure to help. I have added 2 photos not sure if you can see...waiting on our professional pics so hope quality ok.
  11. I definitely have the blues, been married 15 days, back from my destination wedding in Jamaica 4 days ago and already looking at travel deals for next year. Nice to see that i am not the only one.
  12. Half Moon... why? I just returned from Half moon where I had the mot amazing wedding. Like catererbride says the service food and staff are outstanding. My guests are still raving about my wedding the location etc... i am already working on how i can afford to return for my one year anniversary. Wedding planner tashane was helpful, always available and very accommodating...if you have the budget then make it Half Moon.. I am still on a high...
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