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Lawd a Mercy! I am so happy to find this thread! 

I'm trying to plan my wedding for July 2012.. I've booked a villa and have been in touch with a few vendors. I contacted Miss T's Kitchen and she quoted me $23 USD for curry  goat, jerk chicken, ackee wontons, etc. Real simply local fare. That $23 seems exorbitant, but unfortunatley my mother had called her and used the word "Wedding" so I think I've been quoted "wedding" prices. A big plus with Miss T's, though, is that she rents the linens, tables/chairs, etc. and they are the lowest prices I've seen, so it may work out.


AMB - How much were you quoted by Caribbean Pantry? Would you mind sending me their price list?

CatererBride - did you get a quote back from Island Deli? Also,how much is your photographer?


I'm debating whether to bring a photographer down with me.  As for Lighting - Im bringing down paper lanterns and will be using LED throwies to light them ( I didn't even bother looking into lighting costs, b/c I'm sure they are insane!)


What Villas are you guys having your weddings at? It seems like most of the brides on here are going the Resort route - which is nice.. But frustrating because those doing stand alone villas and trying to plan by themselves don't have as many resources or people who have been there before. 


All the best girls!

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It's getting closer to two months now!!!


Natalie has been a no go unfortunately because apparently she is off island on my wedding date? Took a couple of weeks to tell me that but still...


Oooh what's your offer with the keyboard player? I am still annoyed by how much these guys are ripping us off. My FI's aunties are teachers out in Ja and these vendors are asking for more money than teachers get paid in a month for an evening...THIS IS CRAZY!


I would love a jazz band too but we are going with a reggae band (something my parents insist on :) and I think it will be great) but true, it is very difficult to find examples of musician's work, partic the less well known ones.


I need a hairstylist too (my friend is doing my make-up - she does this professionally) but reckon I should just go about to some local hair salons (NOT in resorts) and get some prices. At least they will be much more reasonable and I don't think their quality will be any less good - just less likely to rip off a 'tourist' and don't you feel that you come under the grey area of 'well i'm not completely a tourist...I have my local links!!'?


This wedding is ending up being a sweet fortune. Cheapest food cost I have found 'Gregory Nelson' recommended through C Pantry is $50 pp - I too asked for in JMD and got the fee to have a chat with him so he could hear the dialect :)


Can't afford any activities though :(


Well done for the sax player - great choice and can't wait to hear how yours goes.


We are having everything from a casino to table tennis, the theme being casual fun where the Jamaicans and the English simply have a great time together.


I actually leave for Ja on 15th Aug so not long to go at all!


My latest drama is the cost of wedding photographers as am second guessing my previous choice due to quality - this is messing with our budget big time :(







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Sorry Crasht, I meant to answer your q's too...


1.) so jealous you have so much time to play with

2.) $23 pp, I wish ours was so low and think that based on other quotes that I have been given that's not bad at all even for local food

3.) What's her contact please as I would like to ask her about rentals :)

4.) Island Deli - rude. I emailed him a few times and he emailed back to ask a few more questions. Then he didn't respond for a week so my fiance called him. He then said he was having a problem sending the quote to my email address (even though I had received an email from him previous). My fi then gave him his email - nothing. My fi then called him - left a message. Then I emailed him from FOUR different email addresses and still haven't heard from him. Bearing in mind our food bill will be about $3k - his loss. Yet again though, another example of CRAP service.

5.) Photographer - this makes me so sad....We had booked with Marcia Roberts as she was so cheap and work was ok. Then I stumbled across Dwayne Watkins work and for me, none of the others come close, even the super expensive ones. He is charging $3k which makes me mad (wow I'm going on a bit aren't I?) and Marcia is charging $1400 (this includes loads). We don't have the money but I have convinced myself that actually, Marcia's work is very average and you do keep your pics for life (blah blah blah). A real conundrum basically and this wedding is going to mess up our finances big time but then as I am going so completely overboard with details, I would be gutted beyond belief if this didn't show on our pics.

6.) Yup - paper lanterns are the way forward!

7.) Our villa is Mount Pleasant, Runaway Bay


Phew...it's been a while since i've been on here!





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 here is Miss T's info.. along with my menu/quote from her. You may well be right. I'm thinking in real world terms (how much it would cost to cook the meal) vs. the catering world. Bear in mind, Im getting married at Stone Harbour Villa in Ocho Rios - so your  transportation costs may be more. I have an email attachment with her hireage fees for tables/chairs/etc if you want it. I suggest calling the store and then sending an email. She got back to me within a day or 2. Good luck finding a vendor! I'm gonna check out Marcia for photos.


Are you using a florist? I was thinking of just picking up flowers at the big market in MoBay.  But, I'd like a chuppah and am wondering what the charge is..

Anyway - here is that info.. Tell her Toni sent you!!


Anna-Kay Tomlinson
MissT's Kitchen
65 Main Street, P.O. Box 36,
Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
TEL : (876) 795-0099
FAX : (876) 974-5911
EMAIL : MissTsKitchen@gmail.com


Curried Ackee Wontons with a spicy sorrel sauce

Crab and Saltfish Cakes with a fruit salsa

Bar-B-fried chicken Wings

Mini Festivals


Curried Goat

Escoveitch Fish Fillets

Jerk Chicken with a tamarind sauce

Rice and Peas

Garden salad

Plantains baked with cinamon and rum

Price $ JA 2000 per person

Please give me your thoughts and let me know how we can work together to make your wedding day extremely memorable.


Anna-Kay (Miss T)

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Hi CrashT1224,


I am so sorry for taking so long to get back with you. Been really busy and I had surgery recently.   I'm having my ceremony at St. James Parish Church in Mobay and my reception will be held at Endless Summer Villa in Mobay as well.  Natalie from Caribbean Pantry charged me around $4000 for 70 people which included 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, 3 sides, a variety of desserts, tables, linen, chairs, plates, glasses,  staff, unlimited food etc. I'm not having the typical Jamaican menu. We will be there for a week, so we will get the chance to eat that while we are there and I grew up on it (parents are Jamaican) so I wanted food with Jamaican flavor, but not necessarily, what you would get at a typical Jamaican wedding reception.  But I believe their price list depends on the menu. You would have to contact Caribbean Pantry to get a quote for the types of food you want.  Let me know if I can be of any help.

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Hi Catererbride,


I'm going to be down there around the same time as you! I was going at the end of July, but my fiance had to pull out due to work.  Need to meet with Natalie and other vendors and the pastor.  It is exactly 5 months from now for me. But you are so much closer! I wish you so much luck and love. The keyboard player is $200 US. I would love to find out about getting a couple of casino tables. Could you provide me the info on who you went through and what the cost is?? That is such a good idea! But only if its in the budget (Like I'm not already over the budget!!) LOL! I feel like there is not enough time.  I only ordered my dress a couple of weeks ago. About to order the veil and my shoes this weekend. Dress does not get shipped until the end of October. You know I'm pushing it! And my fiance is such a snail. LOL. I have to threaten him from time to time to get him to do the very little he needs to do (Provide his guests info, look at tux, etc). Thinking about a short honey moon to barbados or cayman or curacao, but getting from Jamaica to one of those islands is alot more expensive than I thought!! Anyway, I will be consulting all of you more often as time passes by. I'm starting to feel the pressure a little.  You may want to contact Debra Barrett at Scissors Salon in Negril.  She owns that salon and they are mobile. I'm going to look around the local area for a stylist. If I come across any, I will let you all know.

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Hi Catererbride,


I just looked at what you said you were paying for your photographer!! 3k! Those pics better come out looking great! LOL!! I actually decided to change from Marcia to Duane Wittaker. The name is very close to your photographer, and he does a good job from his website and the average package is around $1000. So check it out. And he includes pre-wedding sessions. And you will be there a month before your wedding.  Just a suggestion... Good luck girl!

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Crazy right? AND changed my mind...no surprizes there :) Now going with Merrick Cousley for $1400. Doesn't include as much as Marcia but much better work. Did you find yourself second guessing her work too? She is great for the amount you get for your money but quality wise, in many photos I am shocked she even put them on her web. Sure everyone takes the odd bad pic but these are not the ones you use to advertise your work...


Just under 8 weeks!


Oooh and need to find a baker...any suggestions?




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Hi Catererbride! I just sent you a reply but I don't think you received it. I was saying that I was second guessing Marcia for a while and that usually means I'm going to change my mind which I did. Noida Cooke is making my cake.  She is in Mobay. And she is on facebook so you can view her cake designs.  Still looking for a videographer. Do you know of any?

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wow you ladies are on the roll.  i'm having a hard time getting a caterer in the negril area :( I'm trying to avoid the cost of wedding planner.

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