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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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#701 deesanders33

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    Posted 28 June 2011 - 10:13 AM

    Vav no you don't have to use him, I think you just have to pay a vendor fee which if it's the same as the other resorts it's $75 or something close to that.


    TJ when is your wedding again?? Your sis profile looks awesome

    #702 moniwoni

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      Posted 28 June 2011 - 06:35 PM

      I don't think you have to use their photographer, but if you choose a package that includes a photographer that is who they use.  It makes it difficult, I still can't figure out how to breakdown everything down a la carte without choosing a package?? I think they do that purposely..... by the time you add up most of the important factors ceremony, florals, hair, food, drinks etc....., I think It works out to be close to the same???

      If someone gets more answer on that please let me know( I still want premium liquor & food too! & DJ )..... I just bought a calling card today and I'm going to give claribel a call a soon as I have a free chance.   

      monica wasser

      #703 Amybscn

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        Posted 28 June 2011 - 06:46 PM

        Hi everyone!

        i have been following all your posts on here for awhile but i just confirmed all my wedding stuff so i decided to join the group now!! :)

        you can add me to the list.... getting married April 20th!!!!!!!

        I am from Ontario (Toronto).

        nice to meet you all!


        #704 vav11238

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          Posted 29 June 2011 - 01:34 AM

          I loved your sisters portfolio!! Is there anyway she'll be in DR a week and half earlier? 

          Originally Posted by TJfeb2012 

          Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!  Too bad none of you ladies are getting married in the time frame that I am;  my sister does professional photography and she is coming to my wedding to do my photogrpahy for me.  www.aliciaprice.com  Check out her blog pictures and stuff, they are pretty good :) 


          Moniwoni, those are great earrings!  I have been looking at similar stuff on Etsy as well.


          Quick question... what does OOT bags mean?  I know what they are just not the exact acronym LOL. 


          I am looking forward to getting more of the details done and complete so that I can relax a little bit!! I have a friend flying in this weekend to try on bridesmaid dresses.  Cannot wait to have this chore complete!!


          #705 deesanders33

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            Posted 29 June 2011 - 09:42 AM

            Now Larimar Wedding Dates cheers.gif


            Jamie ~ October 29, 2011

            MoniWoni ~ November 12, 2011 

            Katusha ~ November 18, 2011 

            Sarah ~ February 17, 2012

            Vav ~ February 20, 2012

            TJ ~ February 29,2012

            JB ~ April 14, 2012

            Acutie~April 17, 2012 

            Amy ~ April 20, 2012

            Dee ~ August 11, 2012   


            Welcome Amy, you have been added to the list :) Congrats and Happy Planning

            #706 jbmarch2012

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              Posted 29 June 2011 - 01:36 PM

              Welcome Amy! I love our list is growing :)

              #707 jbmarch2012

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                Posted 30 June 2011 - 07:30 AM



                Just wanted to share with you the price I figured if you I used the Moments package then adding on what I want and also the Eternity plus the add-ons.


                Things you need to consider for this pricing is that I added:

                Based on 2012 Pricing

                Based on a 50 people(guest) count

                No decorations (flowers and center pieces) because I plan to bring all those over and DIY

                Pastor York $350

                Gazebo (with white fabric) $350

                Caribbean Trio $300

                Platinum Cocktail and Dinner

                Open Bar (International) --- wasn't really sure if ths would be included in the purchase of the Platinum cocktail and dinner $18 pp per hour???? So this was a pretty ridiculous amount @ $450/hr so I'm hoping I'm wrong on this for 50 people it would be $2,250 for 5 hours! yikes... I have a feeling it's included though if you purchase the platinum package.

                DJ $1500

                Photographer $2000


                Moments Package:

                $10,105.50 plus taxes if Open Bar is not paid for $7,855.50 plus taxes



                $ 11,356.50 + taxes (if less open bar= $9,106.5 +taxes)



                $ 8,736.5 + taxes (if less open bar= $7,3865.5 +taxes)


                So I think if you want  the Platinum package for the cocktail and dinner it actually saves you money to just go with the Divine since you only pay for the additional guests ass opposed to paying the per person rate. Ofcourse if you have a smaller group it wouldn't be as much as what I figured or maybe it would be about the same as the Divine so why not just get the extra photg for a session on your welcome dinner or something. I'm sure they would be ok with that.


                Hope this helped! :)

                #708 jbmarch2012

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                  Posted 30 June 2011 - 07:40 AM

                  Oh I got the Divine Numbers wrong! HA! I forgot to add the Photgrapher... Those are my numbers since I'm using the resort's photog for now... and the the less bar thing has an extra 5! OMG. just scratch that!!




                  $10,736.5 + taxes (less open bar =  $8486.5) if paying $2000 for photog


                  $8,753.5 +taxes (less open bar = $6,486.5) if not hiring extra photog.

                  #709 vav11238

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                    Posted 01 July 2011 - 01:07 AM

                    Don't know if any of this info pertains to you ladies but WC from NOW Larimar answered a few of my questions and figured they may help some of you (the answers are in blue):



                    1) Can you please send pictures of the options for the reception? I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll have hanging lanterns at the reception. Lanterms look great at a reception party and it is possible if you choose the beach area by the Castaways Restaurant. Pictures attached.

                    2) I'd like to have a bonfire to welcome my guests - is that allowed somewhere on the NOW Larimar - preferably the beach?Bonfires are not allowed at our beach, but at the contact info from kukua Restaurant it is possible, so please ask them. Info below


                    3) I'm thinking of having an event at the Jellyfish restaurant. Do you have a contact person there or can you send me info and I will contact them on my own? We have a contac person there and also at Picture 1.png

                    Picture 2.pngPicture 3.pngPicture 4.pngPicture 5.png

                    #710 jbmarch2012

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                      Posted 01 July 2011 - 05:42 AM



                      Thanks sooo much for sharing these pictures! It's good to see some of their reception set-ups. I think there is a thread on here about the jellyfish restaurant, if you just do the search you'd probably find the contact number... Also I think you might have to clarify with her the floating lanterns that you meant. I think she's thinking floating in the pool as in water. Like lanterns on pods you put in the pool not the flying ones... But I thought you can have a reception by the pool though, you would just have to do a buffet for it.


                      Thanks again for sharing!

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