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A lot of girls have told me to just bring your reciepts!! Tell them your getting married!!


Originally Posted by scooter514 View Post

I wonder how customs is in Jamaica. Anyone have any advice on bringing so much of the same thing through there?


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Wow! it looks like a few people have already gotten married and I would like to hear how things went in terms of bringing stuff down to Jamaica and also if those who were planning on buying stuff in Jamaica, how that went?


I am excited to get started on our OOT bags. I would like to pick a bag I LOVE first and go from there. I am really interested in hearing from people who have bought stuff in Jamaica for their OOT bags. What a great way to support the local economy :)


As far as what I plan to put in my OOT bags . . .  so far the following:

- little kits with travel size meds, hand sanitizer, gatorade mixes etc


I like the idea of waterproof cameras (as I am pretty sure snorkling is offered on our resort)

I also like the idea of insulated personalised cups or those freezer cups. Has anyone found any good deals on these? Or any suggestions on where to buy?


That is as far as I have gotten. Would love to hear from other brides.

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