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Photographers - how hard is it working with videographers?

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I was considering having a wedding video done but I have seen a few things about how they are in the way and mess up photographers shots.  I am curious to hear a photographers perspective.

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Hello dear there is nothing to worry about aslong as they talk since the beginning of the wedding i am sure that if they are pro they will be happy to work toghether.


Martin & Astrid


Cancun Wedding Photo









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This video package was "Included in the package" for our client.   she never asked what kind of coverage he would be doing.  Imagine how many times this guy has ruined the wide angle scene setter (standing on first row) and blocked others guests intrusively, the entire ceremony.    Personally, I would not wish this kind of coverage on anybody, wanna talk about a lifeless wedding video?    


Interesting thing is,  she paid $5000 for the photos. If this video operator never moves throughout the entire ceremony... it may be tougher for dynamic photo results.  First row + stationary may be a bit intrusive.


I try to communicate with all videographers prior to the ceremony, and usually we "work together" or at least make an effort to work together.  ....  There has been so many occasions though where the is not chemistry between whoever is shooting video and who is shooting stills (usually minimally 2 photogs with our studio). 



For video, it allways changes It all depends on who you hire, how intrusive they are going to be, weather or not they will be using LAPEL microphones for wireless transmitting CLEAN AND USABLE audio to the camera as Professional Audio is important and may limit the distance they need to be away from the B+G during the ceremony so they aren't relying on ambient sound recording (LAME).   Also, a style choice of the videographer is important, are they photojournalistic, are they team players?


Working with videographers is something we have grown to get use to, although there are always situations that happen that I never expected...


Regardless, I'm going to try my best to shoot NO MATTER what challenge :)


OH, one last thing., and kinda a rant...sorry.    Working with the videographer is tough enough, especially if they are a team of 2.  Imagine if your hotel "INCLUDES A PHOTOGRAPHER WITH YOUR WEDDING PACKAGE" and that guy/gal is there snapping away at the same time we are.....  = bad.   please dismiss these photographers folks.

Seriously, having a resort photographer there at the same time as another contracted professional photog is a conflict of interest for the paid photographer and your photos will suffer as we compete for the shot...not fun at all, the last thing you want a photojournalist doing is hesitating because someone else is in the frame... I know the same goes for the video guys, bothered by the photogs running in their shots,   but when there are multiple teams of togs, all hell breaks loose.  please don't try to do this, just release the "with the package" photographers, they are no use on the wedding day when you already have another contracted photographer and likely a violation of your contracted photographers contract as in our case.  Perhaps that "included in the package" photographer can be traded for a day after or day before shoot, just sayin.



good luck, hope this helps!




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Reading the responses I think you are starting to get a feel for the issues. I have worked with video people who complained the whole time, and/or had large lights that made my photos less natural. Then I have had people who say "do what you need to do, do not worry about me" If you hire someone who is good they will work as a team, even helping each other get the best shots. However there can be conflicts with people who are only self motivated. Another thing to consider if you have a two photo team and a two video team that is a lot of staff and it tends to turn the wedding into a "photo shoot" That is why I only bring a second shooter only when it is necessary.




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