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Calling anyone with Sandals Wedding Videos and Links..

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Hey Ladies,


I've been going through youtube, looking for Sandals wedding videos and a found a few I would like to share. If you have videos or know any links you'd like to share please post to this thread. I can't wait to see what you all come up with. Hopefully they can help us when we're making our decisions! (Please note: Some of these videos aren't the best, but it's better then nothing)



Take Care,






Links Below:


Montego Bay


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLKCeHWbrnU&feature=related  (My favorite!!! woot2.gif)






Ocho Rios




















St. Lucia
















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Thanks Janice!  I have also been searching youtube for videos so I can get ideas of what to expect.  It really annoys me that the Sandals website has a video and it's not even a Martha Stewart wedding.  They need to update this!  And what about their blog?!  I was so excited to see the Real Weddings posted each week and then they just stopped posting them! That drives me crazy! Those videos you posted  definitely make me feel better about having my ceremony in the gardens. I don't like all that wind.  Thanks again for sharing.  Happy wedding planning. :) 

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Thanks Ladies!


Melody I thought I was the only one that notices that on the site. We should send emails to them. Maybe if enough people write they can post real wedddings before our ceremonies. I'm going to look for some contact info when I get a chance.


I am also doing a wedding in the Gardens because I don't want to deal with sand and windy conditions.

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Back in November, I sent an email to Sandals telling them about the video and blog and I got a generic response saying, "thank you for your inquiry - please contact your wedding coordinator if you have any questions."  It was like they didn't even read my email.  However, I also told them the link was not working for months when you try to view the pictures within the themes.  They fixed that immediately, but did nothing about the blog and old video!  It's hard enough planning a wedding from a distance, I would expect their website to be our greatest source of information.  But I am learning more details on this website than the sandals site.  I'm sure all will go well with our weddings.... 

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