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PSA Regarding ANY and ALL "Shout Boxes"

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Before I explain, please refer to this thread:



Here at BDW we've long had what we call a "Shout Box," a thread where members can post anything and everything daily outside of the DW planning.


Today we decided to close the Shout Box due to some members not following one of our simple requests here, please don't challenge or question a Mod's decision, and please once a decision has been made, accept it and move on. If you can't respectfully disagree, keep it to yourself if you would like to remain a part of our community.



I am now redirecting members to contribute and support BDW in other wedding planning and chit-chat forums/threads rather than a Shout Box.


If anyone has an issue with this I'm sorry. In the future we Mods may choose to re-instate a Shout Box of some form but at this time we have decided it is in the best interest of BDW to not have any form of Shout Box here at BDW.


Please take this warning that if we see a new Shout Box created by anyone other than a Mod, it will not only be closed but the member responsible for creating it will be banned. This also applies to anyone who chooses to continue further discussion on the subject.


Thank you for respecting this decision.

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i am actually really disappointed to see what has transpired in a few short hours.


I came on excited to share that we would have a new chat feature of the forum to make it easier to keep up with people that are online the same time as you.  Instead i find that total chaos has broken out in the shoutbox thread.


I will not condone ANY attitude or snarkiness towards one of my mods....if you do so you will get banned.


I don't care that YOU think that the shoutbox thread belongs to you and she shouldn't have been posting or whatever.  It doesn't belong to you and if a mod wants to put her 2 cents in i expect her to be welcome and treated with respect.


Jamy is one of the most chill mods we have had on BDW.  It takes ALOT to rile her up but disrespecting her is going to do it.....and I will back her.


We have had issues in the past with people claiming that the shoutbox was cliquey and past participants of the shoutbox no longer participating because they felt that there was alot of passive-aggressive behavior, dog-pack tendencies and I really saw it in the last shoutbox thread.


That is why the shoutbox thread has been shut down for now and members banned.


If you cannot follow the rules of the forum and be respectful towards me and the mods, and other members then LEAVE. 

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