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Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

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Hello everyone, I was in the forum back in Jan/Feb of this year because originally we were gonna go with a destination wedding. Then we changed our mind and decided to have our wedding at home (NY), but after just coming back from my best friends destination wedding in Cancun, we r in love with the idea all over again. We r sticking to Punta Cana since we like DR and my fiances family is from there. I picked BBPD because I like the beach gazebo but I'm not to fond of the people all around. We might do a site visit this summer so we can check out other resorts but for now BBPD is my # 1 choice. One of the thing that bothers me though is that their packages are one of the most expensive ones compared to other resorts and it seems you still have to pay for so many extras. I have a couple of questions you might be able to help me with: -Do any of their packages include cocktail hour? -Do they do catholic weddings at the beach gazebo? Cause I know other Punta Cana resorts do. -Being that Barcelo has multiple properties in Punta Cana that are more affordable, can weddings guests stay at other Barcelo properties and we do not have to pay a day pass for the day of the wedding? -Is anyone using a bilingual travel agent (English/Spanish) that they can recommend to get good deals? Hope to hear from you guys soon :)

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Hi Nrbc-

I have been able to get some of your questions answered recently-


I believe it is $10-12/person for a cocktail hour, but with the tangerine package you may be able to get it included through communicating with her.


It is against the law in DR to have a Catholic wedding anywhere where there could be "unchurchlike" images (such as girls in swimsuits, alcohol, etc.) so they will ONLY do Catholic weddings in the chapel, no getting around it.  They also wont let you use the chapel unless it is a Catholic wedding. 


Not sure about the day passes, but I would assume as long as it is Barcelo it is fine because as guests at BBPD we are also able to roam over to the adults only resort.

Hope that helps!


It is expensive for the extras, and with what they are offering in the basic packages (pinecone centerpieces!) I have been looking elsewhere for flowers and centerpieces.  If I find a good wholesaler there I will let you know. 

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trivera - For tropical pictures they have a facebook page with pictures from past weddings...I have had no luck finding a video either.  And the webpage Goodness it is SLOW! 

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I paid for their services but I have yet to actually talk to anyone from the company. I'm assuming once the date is closer they'll contact me...or at least I hope so. If I haven't heard from them a month before, I'll contact them. I recall sunny saying she met with them during her 3 hour meet with Marlene, so I'm sure it'll be fine. When I went for their site visit they showed my fiancee and I books of their work and everything looked great and professional. Hope that eases your mind.



Originally Posted by trivera5521 View Post

Disa...welcome to the BBPD forum!! There is a ton of info on here I would def spend some time going over the pages you will probably find most of your questions answered right here. The first step would be to email the WC and submit a reservation request form with your date. Take a look at the package options and decide what works best for your party. Once she responds and advises whether your date is available or not you will be required to pay 30% of the package to hold your space. I did a site visit in Feb and can share some pictures as well as the forms and packages that you will need, whats your email address?


On another note, ladies by this point you all know that BBPD uses Tropical Pictures. For those that have their weddings in a few months have you booked them, Johanna, Octbride, Corona? What has your experience been so far? I have been searching high and low for a video of someones wedding that they have done in the past and cant seem to find one. Or even a bride that has directly dealt with them and can share her picture album. Feel so bullied to use them grrrr BangHead.gif

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Thanks Natalie. I did come across their FB page but I just feel like I wont really get a feel for what the experience is like and the quality of their work until I speak directly with a bride. They can easily post the best pics from a shoot and front like they are great photographers ya know?! Really feeling uneasy about this photographer situation. Ugh...


On another note, I looked into the cost to ship my centerpieces from NY to DR and um yea not so cheap. So I might be forced to get them through the resort. Does anyone have the centerpiece options WITH the prices?


Natalie please let me know if you find a good contact in DR for centerpieces that would be super helpful. 



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JG Corona,


Here are some pics we took of one of their meeting rooms when we did our site visit last September.  I'm not sure if this is what they would offer you for an indoor reception location but it's not too bad - I thought the lights looked cool.  Just so you have an idea before you head down there to see for yourself.


IMG_1667 meeting room.JPG


IMG_1668 meeting room.JPG




I believe the Mint Breeze package includes a cocktail hour after the ceremony, but it is only up to 20 people.


In regards to the other properties, if you are just talking about the two resorts within Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort (Palace Deluxe & the adults-only Bavaro Beach - which is confusing to name one of the resorts the same thing as the entire property), then your guests will be free to use everything, as someone else said.  But if you are talking about Barcelo Punta Cana or Barcelo Dominican Beach, you might want to check with Marlene about day passes because those are not part of the same property, just the same chain.




Barcelo is definitely against outside photographers but if yours is a "guest" of the resort then they allow it.  If I recall, Trop Pics charges something like $2000 for full day wedding coverage?  We spent less than that bringing our girl Caroline down for 6 days.  Plus, we will also have her professional pics from our welcome cocktails, our boat excursion, and the rehearsal dinner.  If you are looking into bringing someone down, I would look for someone who is maybe still trying to build their portfolio a little bit, like our photographer, because they might give you a break on the "fee" they will charge in addition to their travel expenses.  Caroline had done maybe 10 weddings as the main photog, and many more as the secondary photog, and ours was her second destination wedding (the first one she did was our friends' Costa Rican wedding of 16 people, which was how we met her).  So far, we're super happy with her pics!


I'm sure Trop Pics is good (we were happy with the wedding video they did for us), but if you are really concerned about them and can't find other brides who have used them, I would consider possibly bringing someone down.

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this was an email I recieved from Tropical Pictures,


Dear Bride and Groom,


Congratulations! Can you picture it? You are getting married! It is a pleasure for us to contact you before such an important moment in your lives. We, Tropical Pictures, are the company that arranges all involved with photography & video in the hotel Barceló Bavaro Palace Deluxe since 2002 as well as other resorts along the east coast in the Dominican Republic.


Yes, we have availability for Wedding Photography & Videography for December 4th 2012!


We are very popular in combining the artistic, conventional, candid photography with photojournalistic moments that is, we are there with our camera & video to take all the moments that are as important during the event just letting the Bride and Groom be themselves.


We would like to invite you all to visit our website and glance at our work. www.tropicalpictures.com.do Weddings


A wedding video demo by our partner company Bright Light Productions by Oliver Lopez you can view at http://vimeo.com/35419902


Feel free to contact us regarding any information for photos and video. Tell us more about your Big Day!



Vanessa Jorge

Tropical Pictures

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