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November 2011 wedding at Royal Playa Del Carmen!

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Hello past brides and bride's to be!! My FI and I are looking at Royal for our Nov 2011 wedding! I have been reading & reading all the wonderful posts and it has been very helpful. Thanks!!


I'm curious about a couple things, maybe some of you already know.


1. With the Lux pkg - do I have to pay additional $ for the lite up dance floor and if so how much?

2. How much $ for the lounge furniture - I read $200 for 5 pieces, not sure if that has changed. Also is it rented from the resort?

3. Does the Lux pkg include dinner for upto 35 guests then you pay for any over and above 35?


I would appreciate any info you could offer. Thx so much.


Debbie & Mark

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