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Is anyone out there planning a wedding at La Amada in Playa Mujeres?

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#11 TilliePiper

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    Posted 21 October 2010 - 10:48 AM

    No way! You're in NYC, too!? Let's totally meet up! I live downtown, too, and work in the Flatiron area. My schedule's flexible most of the time as well, so let's do it! Feel free to email me at laurelpetriello [at] gmail.com.


    Ok, so, woah, woah, woah...we can bring in our own alcohol for the wedding at La Amada?!?! That would be amazing! Or is this just at the Villa? 


    Have you and Denise talked flowers and cake yet? We did a cake tasting when I was down there a couple weeks ago with one vendor, but I was like "meh." The cake was pretty dry. She's says she's got a couple others up her sleeve though. Then there's always talking to Ileana about it. Do you think you'll do a cake tasting at La Amada while you're there? I wonder if they use an outside vendor...


    Anyway, drop me a line! Drinks it is! :-)

    #12 gonzaloNunez

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      Posted 21 October 2010 - 12:59 PM

      I am thinking that at the Aroma they might have the room for 130 guests... but is my presuntion...

      good luck with this!!


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      #13 skadow

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        Posted 21 October 2010 - 01:06 PM

        Oh Hey! We are...Awsome Date =)


        I might look into who you mentioned for decor. Are you happy with them so far?



        Originally Posted by TilliePiper 

        Hey Sara, we're wedding date twins! Woot! I've met SO many Feb 19th brides, but not 18th! Props to the 2.18.11 girls! 

        #14 dmarr

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          Posted 21 October 2010 - 03:38 PM



          I live In Tribeca and would love to meet up sometime.  Here is my email: danielle.marr@gmail.com

          #15 uhleesa

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            Posted 22 October 2010 - 07:12 PM

            Hey there! I'm also planning a wedding at La Amada for August 2011. I'm so excited! My fiance and I are planning on visiting in December to check out the place, but we've been doing some planning already.


            As for alcohol, I contacted Ileana about that before. She told us that we'd be able to bring our own alcohol, but we would be charged an uncorking fee which is by the hour and is $4 per person. Maybe you can check with her to see if you can do the same.


            Is anyone else being charged $18 for the wedding reception set-up? This includes the table and chair set ups and the flower arrangements, but I just feel like this is a bit pricey...thoughts?

            #16 LaLuna

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              Posted 23 October 2010 - 05:43 AM


              Originally Posted by skadow 

              Hmm I do not know much about this hotel. One of the best resources our their for hotels is the Del Sol Wiki. Located HERE. They have about 15 Slideshows from a variety of different locations in Playa Murjeres. I do not believe La Amada is one of them BUT! at least you could get familiar with what is the nor for hotels in that area. This way you have something to compare it to.


              Who knows maybe you could be the first wedding they shoot their =) I always love seeing what new hotels look like through their photos. MUCH better then going to hotel websites.

              yeay, del sol / la luna is itching to get an event at La Amada....   We have an event coming there in February :)    



              #17 jfuller

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                Posted 26 October 2010 - 06:57 AM

                Uhleesa -


                Ileana was quoting the $18/person setup charge to me too -- I assume this is to cover the cost of the flowers, and it's actually pretty reasonable.  Though -- I wasn't necessarily impressed w/ the flower/table setup pictures that she was sending me. 


                The people through Tropical Wedding Experts (Denise/Gabi/Pablo) seem to be much better at actually styling the wedding, and providing more options on flowers, table setup, etc for a reasonable price.  BUT I'm finding that the food pricing though them is much more expensive than La Amada!  Thanks for the heads up on the alcohol -- I'm going to try and look into the $4/person corking fee further.  I'm a little frustrated that Ileana didn't tell me about that options upfront!


                #18 TilliePiper

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                  Posted 26 October 2010 - 12:07 PM

                  Hi Uhleesa,


                  Yeah, that's what I was originally quoted, too; however, I got my personal proposal back from Ileana a couple weeks ago and it had $14 pp. But I, too, am gonna go through Gabi at Planner 1 (via Tropical Wedding Experts) for tables & centerpieces. 


                  Are you girls planning on having welcome dinners at the hotel? I was initially planning on it, but now I'm second-guessing. I kinda wanna get my guests off the property to experience something else AND my welcome dinner actually costs more than my reception...lame. Any ideas?

                  #19 Kristine624

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                    Posted 26 October 2010 - 05:34 PM

                    hi everyone!


                    my fiance and i are getting married at la amada on may 20th, 2011.  i am SO excited to meet other people on this forum who are getting married at this hotel! with it being so new, it seems there are not many la amada brides-to-be out there.  and...i live in nyc, too!  my fiance and i bought a condo in astoria two years ago, and before this, we lived on the UES. 


                    we went for our site visit in august and fell in love with the hotel.  ileana was not there, so we met with nayeli (the other wedding coordinator).  we had a tasting and everything was just amazing.  i do agree, the lack of attention from ileana is challenging - she is so difficult to get in touch with!  she also said that we do not need to worry about the details at this point, but we are less than 7 months out at this point, so i am making her start these conversations now.  i get too nervous not having these things planned!  at this point, we have established group rates with our travel agent, and people are starting to book :) 


                    we are having a welcome dinner the wednesday night beforehand (i am thinking a beach bbq, if they will do it) and then we want to have our rehearsal dinner on thursdsay.  our wedding will be on friday night and we are going to do brunch after on saturday.  we anticipate about 70 people will be in attendance at our wedding.


                    it sounds like you guys have gone with vendors outside of the hotel - they told us that we could not do this.  how did you get away with it?  would love to know!  it was a bit of a fight to get an "outside" photographer.  so, i'm curious to know who all of you are working with, and want to confirm that la amada agreed to that.


                    also, have any of you met with the makeup/hair artists?  i met them in august during the site visit, but didn't have anything done.  i would love to know if they are good.  we did use the spa, and it's AMAZING.


                    again, glad to know there are more la amada brides to be here!




                    #20 uhleesa

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                      Posted 27 October 2010 - 06:04 AM

                      Hey TilliePiper,

                        I think I'm going to check with Ileana about the set up fee then. It's strange that she would quote us differently. I also don't really like the options for flowers. They're okay, but just not that special. How much are the tables and centerpieces going to be through Gabi at Tropical Wedding Experts? I have heard of them, but I thought it would be out of our budget. If you could give me some more info on how they work and how much it costs to hire them, that'd be great!


                      We were going to do the welcome dinner too...but, not sure about that either since it is really expensive!! I feel like we should provide food for the people who arrive the night before and it would be nice to eat together, but a welcome dinner is going to cost us the same as dinner at the wedding reception. =/ I wish there was a way we could get the price lowered or eat somewhere else. If you go elsewhere, are you just going to have everyone take cabs into downtown Cancun?

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