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Pre-Wedding Sale

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Hi Ladies,


just looking to get rid of some of the extra stuff now taking up space in my wedding room. Shipping is not included in the prices. Please pm me if you're interested in anything. 


5 Women's Sarongs (brand new never used) $2.50/each (sorry the blue one is now gone, I have two pink, two purple and pink and one orange)





10 Johnson's & Johnson's Melt Stress Away Lotion $5 for all




10 Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacs various scents $5 for all




10 Banana Boat Sport Suntan Lotion SPF 30 $5 for all



20 Zip Fizz Energy Drink Mix in Grape, Orange & PInk Lemonade $10 for all





This is it for now as I clean out and come across more stuff I will post. 

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Hey lady!

Do you still have the 2 pink and 2 purple sarongs? Also the energy drink? I am interested in them as long as shipping isn't ridiculous :) My postal code is V2K 0A2.


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