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Has anyone heard of Hummingbird Hall in Montego Bay?

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We  have booked Hummingbird Hall for our wedding in October 2015.





Hi Mrs Michaels,


How did your wedding go at HH, we have ours booked for this year, would like to know your experience planning and having your wedding there. 


We are from London too:-)

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Very Bad Experience Hummingbird Hall, Ruined Our Wedding Day.


We had our wedding at Hummingbird Hall recently.  Our experience with Hummingbird Hall and Jayla in particular was horrendous.  On the day Jayla showed very little professionalism she seemed to have taken our money and delivered very little. 


When we did a site visit we were surprised at the size of the house, we were expecting even a small hall in the venue, but were surprised that the only area to get married was the garden with a swimming pool and the front  garden area was very hilly so very difficult for elderly guests to be out there.  Hummingbird Hall is a nice house in the Rose Hall area of Montego Bay, but only a small part of the house mainly the pool area is available for weddings. 


I cannot even list all of the things that went wrong on our day it was so disorganised on the part of Hummingbird Hall.  Some of the issues were as follows:-


Even though we had previously consulted with the minister, a few days before the wedding (even though they knew we were already in Jamaica), we were sent an email to say that that neither of the two ministers we were told may officiate the service were available to conduct our wedding and we were given someone else.(We have never received a telephone call from Hummingbird Hall in the whole year we have been planning our wedding with them). 


During the wedding the new officiate did not know what was suppose to happen and we had to take over the wedding and continue the readings etc. ourselves.  It looked like the officiate had not been briefed properly as she made several big mistakes on the day. 


On the day there was very little shelter from the rain even though we had the tents up, our guest still got wet as the indoor space in the entrance was very limited. 


The wrong music was played for our ceremony; there was hair in the food; Jayla was rude to our guests; some of the songs that were told would be sung by the band became instrumentals instead; Jayla was witnessed by children to swear at a security guard and them push him out of the door; the quality of the decorations including the chair ties were cheap and sparse; Jayla kept on disappearing and only turning up every hour to be rude to our guests and to tell us how much time we had left.  The quality of flowers for the bouquets was very poor and cheap.


I believe that it should not matter what package you purchase from Hummingbird Hall, it should be delivered at the highest quality on the day.


It would have been so easy to be courteous and caring to us and our guests on this special day however  Jayla seemed to not care about the wedding at all,  just very stressed and bothered about what time we would leave the house.  We left the house and packed everything up on time, as we had planned to do so.  There was no reason why Jayla had to behave in this way and ruin our day. 


When we pointed out our issues with Jayla she refused to take any responsibility for anything, even that there was hair in the food and several plates had to be returned to the kitchen, Jayla was just very cold and uncaring throughout the day. 


Throughout our experience with Hummingbird Hall any question or issues about the contract etc. raised before and during the wedding resulted in the same two responses, 


1. 'We have delivered hundreds of weddings and have never had questions or issues like this before'  

 2. 'It was unfortunate that the venue did not suit us and we did not suit it'


I would not recommend Hummingbird Hall as a destination wedding.  It is stressful enough trusting in someone abroad to do your wedding but I wished we had taken on board all of the reviews.  We saw Hummingbird Halls comments on the negative reviews and threaten legal action and realise why people don't say anything,  but we want to be realistic for people wanting to have their wedding there to beware of the issues you might face.











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