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  1. @ Shuntaviawoods Hi how are you sorry to reply back so late, I haven't book the villa yet i'm plannig to go to Jamaica in October to do a walk through first before i make a deposit, I don't know much about it i'm new to this place the only person can answer all your questions is Mandy she's been helping me putting my ideas and wants that i'm looking for for my wedding, she also works with your budget which is good. Her # is 305-468-4637 ask for Mandy tell her Shauna refered you to her she will help you.
  2. @ Atalanta Wow that's a big party you have, ok so i assume you will have around 100 to 130 out of the 200 to attend your wedding. you have a large guest and you got a quote from HH in the 6000$ range whats your secret lol and i'm only having 45 guest attending my wedding something is not right.
  3. @ Atalanta i sure will post pictures. I forgot to ask you how may guests are you having at your wedding.
  4. @ Atalanta Hi thank you very much, well i was looking for a villa that can accommodate me and my guest, when i came across HH i fell in love only to know I nor my guest could not stay there. I got a quote for 40 people for $8,805 with gratitude and that doesn't include a videographer which is $500 more, to have my ceremony off site it's an additional $2,500. Paradise Genesis i can have my guest stay there, the beach is 5minutes away for the ceremony transportation is included in my package so the big difference is Paradise Genesis for 45 people is $6,912 which include everything and HH for 40 is $8,805. hope i answered all your questions
  5. I came across this villa that they do weddings and other events in Montego Bay Jamaica, it's such a beautiful place and also new was build in 2010 i was thinking of getting married at the Hummingbird Hall but i saw this place and fell in love they are cheaper, i'm plannig to book my date with them very soon.
  6. hey everyone, i disovered this place called the PARADISE GENESIS VILLA it's so beautiful, very new wa build in 2010 they do weddings there and cheap also. I spoke to a wonderful lady by the name of Mandy she help me to what i want for my wedding, i'm having 45 people and she gave me a quote for 6,912 oh and i'm having a beach front ceremony and have the reception at the villa just letting you all know if haven't made up your minds yet. HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING EVERYONE.
  7. @ delgadot Hi thanks for the info, when i heard people planning their weddings and saying how stressful it is now i know what they are talking about. By trying to stick to a buget and finding accommodations for families and guest. My fiancee and I haven't decide on a hotel as yet still shopping around for something affordable for our guest. i was looking in on the package that HH has for videographer and a dj, i'm so stress wishing and hoping that i'm making the right decison for bucking the HH which is a beautiful place but if you want to upgrade to a different location it's 2,500 more which i was looking for a beach wedding, but i will see what happens i have a year to go which is not a lot, i'm planning to go to Jamaica to see if i can meet up with Alisha and to give me a tour of the place. I hope all goes well for you and your wedding. And i will surely look into the Iberostar thanks.
  8. A rip off indeed i hate hotels that do that why would you call it all inclusive if u have to pay extra outside the package that just don't make any sense. .
  9. Isn't that something i'm jamaican also, i know what you mean about having outsiders to your dinner my mother wanted to have a after party the next day for extended families that are not attending the wedding, she's planning on having it at her brothers place which i'm scared that outsiders just gonna walked in and help them selfs to things but that wont happen cause i'm not gonna have a after party. it's a little stressful to find a nice affordable place for my guest which i dont want to break their pockets, still looking though. i wish you all the best for your wedding and hope you find something affordable for your guest, when you do please notify me.
  10. Hi Atalanta, I'm new to this site i've been reading a lot of you ladies posts and i'm so happy that each and everyone of you having your wedding at the humming bird hall. My fiancee and i just agree to have our wedding there, when are you getting married i set a date for August 18, 2012.
  11. Hi miss k i'm also new to this post, i've just recently decide to have my wedding at the Humming Bird Hall but my fiance and i having a hard time trying to find a nice and affordale hotel for our guest, do you have guest traveling to Jamaica for your wedding.
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