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help! please! i'm looking for a bride who wrote a very cute saying on the back of her key card insert!

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hey  all!!

i'm working on my key card holders, and i've done the front now i'm looking to do the back, and there was a BDW'er who posted a post within some elses thread and she wrote in the post what she had written on her key card, it was like a couple sentences and ... i dont remember any of it i just remember LOVING it. HELP! ANYONE? i've done a seach using the search engine and gone thru many many many threads and i cant find it. i think it was the bride who at one time had a TTD picture(as her avi) where her and her husband were under a bridge and they were in water up to about their ribs or so...... i'm hopeing someone happend to save this cause they also thought it was amazing..


thanks in advance if anyone knows a link for the thread or the saying !!



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