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Paradisus Punta Cana (PPC) Brides POST HERE!!

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Yeah, I saw that the Aqua is the new "top" package. The 2011 Chill Out Chic is essentially the same as the 2010, but includes an open bar (although not premium) and 24 people. It's only $200 more than 2010 so it's saving us at least $2k! We're going with the ivory linens from the Fantasy package (I think) instead of the brown - although I do really like the aqua, too.


Has anyone tried the food?? I'm nervous!

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^ I didn't really like the photos of the buffet food in the PPC photo album. Everything looks coated in batter and deep fried or just simple ingredients assembled on a line. But I'm sure it doesn't taste as bad (IMO)as it looks! Lol.


We are deciding between Aqua and Chill out but we're leaning more towards Chill Out. I understand there are some differences in the quality of the decor....I understand they bought some new chairs, etc....but it seems the two KEY differences are 1) Food - Chill Out is buffet style and 3 hor d'heurves during cocktail hour whereas Aqua is plated courses and 5 hor d'heurves during cocktail hour. 2) Alcohol - Chill Out is "International Brands" and Aqua is "Premium Top Shelf".


I've already written back to Teresa for clarification on International Brands vs. Premium Top Shelf. I will post up her response. : )


**If anyone else has received responses to their questions, can you please post it here, too? Thanks!

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Hi Everyone,

I am getting married January 31, 2011.  My photographer will be Phil Steingard, my pastor is Rick York and my package is the 2011 Chill Out Chic.  We were going to forgo the open bar and just have our guests walk to the bar when they wanted a drink, because we thought it was crazy to pay for food and alcohol when everyone has already paid for that with the cost of their trip, but when the new 2011 packages came out we thought $200 was worth the open bar.  We contemplated the Aqua package vs. the Chill Out Chic package, but I don't like the idea of picking one meal that everyone has to eat.  Although it would be nice to have a plated reception, there are too many picky eaters in my family.  I asked Lauren (who I have been in contact with) for the menus and she sent me a buffet menu and a plated meal menu and I hated them both.  I asked her if we could make substitutions and then she sent me two other menus (BBQ menus).  I wish they would just give you all of the information at one time, I hate having to ask twice for the same thing....now I wonder if there are more options...She didn't tell me about the chair upgrade for Aqua though, I really wanted the Tiffany chairs, but $500 for 30 is crazy. 


I am changing my linen colours to white, I was told there would be no charge for that, because they already have white.  I bought my own chair sashes for $0.87 a piece and was told there is a $1/sash set up fee if I bring my own.  It is worth it though because the sashes through them are $3 each.  I am glad someone posted about the lanterns, because I was going to bring my own as well, I guess we will have to pay the crazy amount for those too!

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^ Do a search for "LED Throwies". I would rather be able to hook up the lanterns that's too much money. LED Throwies are 'wireless' lights easily made with a small battery and small LED bulb. I'm going to bring rope and a bunch of those. I can't seem them saying no since these are self-powered and not a fire hazard but worse case scenario, I'll budget for the extra cost if they won't back down.


For the other buffet menus the coordinator sent you, is there an extra cost?


Also, do you mind telling me where you got your sashes? I've seen many cheap stores online but the US shipping totally negates the savings. : (

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I have to say, Teresa is LIGHTENING FAST!


Hi Lindsay, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
I just stepped in and saw your email and thought I would send you a quick response to your question.

Allow me to give you "a few examples" of the differences between Top Shelf and National/Local Brands


Top shelf Brand Examples (please understand that Ocassionally some are not available due to imported supply)

Included will be all selections ( and more) from below + the national brands (and more)


Vodka may be - Grey Goose or Absolute or Smirnoff

Gin may be- Beefeater or Tanqueray or Gordonâ€s

Rum may be- Bacardi white, Bacardi Gold, Malibu or several others

Tequila may be- José Cuervo

Cognac may be- Covrvoisier or Remy Martian

Whisky may be- Ballentines, JB, Jack Daniels,  Johnny Walker Black or Red

Wine will be an imported selection of White, Red, Rose and Sparkling wine

Beer may be a selection of available American brands

Liquors may be a selection of- Cointreau, Drambuie, Southern Comfort,Kahlua,Amaretto,Kahlua, Grappa,Tia Maria, or several others based on supply.


National Brand Examples-


Most National brands are locally distilled such Brugal Rum-or imported ( not top labels')

Blanco Brugal

Rum 151 Brugal

Rum Añejo Brugal

Rum Dorado Brugal

Rum Extra Viejo Brugal

Barceló Imperial


Vodka- may be locally distilled or imported ( not top labels')

Tequila National may be locally distilled or imported ( not top labels')

Cognac -may be locally distilled or imported ( not top labels')

Wine will be house red and house white, sparkling wine will be house.

Beer will be Presidente

Liquors-may be locally distilled or imported ( not top labels)



I emailed her back asking if we can select Chill Out package and just upgrade the liquor portion. If we do upgrade, then how much extra it would be.


Want to see if it's worth going with Aqua full out or say with Chill Out and just upgrade the liquor.

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Thanks so much for posting the response regarding the top shelf vs. imported. I was wondering the same thing (and it's been like pulling teeth to get specifics from Lauren). Please let us know how much it is to upgrade to top shelf. I would really appreciate it!


Regarding buffet menus, this was soooo frustrating. We received the Chill Out Chic menu and then she sent us three or four different options for the Beach BBQ menu, which she said we could mix and match. After spending lots of time combing through and choosing everything, sending it in, we were told they changed vendors and menus and we had to choose something else. Argh! So now there are only two menus to choose from, but you can mix and match. They look ok, but I honestly don't know what some of the stuff is. I guess that will be part of the adventure! LOL  I wish they would just send you all of your options up front - it would make planning so much faster and easier!


If anyone wants the latest menus I received, let me know and I'll be happy to email them.

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Wow, I am soooooo happy with these upgrades!!!! Thanks so much for updating us bikegirl!


Originally Posted by bikegirl View Post

Sounds like Aqua will be the highest package available now instead of Chillout. Here is her response:


Hi Lindsay, I am thrilled to help you plan your dream wedding.
Allow me to explain the differences between 2010 Aqua and 2011 Aqua.
For 2011 Aqua
We have added diamond white padded tiffany chairs to the reception seating, and removed the covered banquet chairs.
We have increased the number of guests to 24 for the basic package.
We have added full premium open bar to the cocktail
We have added full premium open bar to the reception We have given you the choice of the traditional Aqua Linens or full white setup     To privatize a restaurant you are paying a location and close down fee.   Enclosed is the following Full open bar, plated or designer buffet, basic ivory linen and china set up, full service staff and bar tending staff, 3 hour privatization of location.

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Originally Posted by MrsLamb View Post


I'm furious about this! No amount of ranting and raving is going to change it, but OOOOOOO!!! It's just wrong!


Well, this just looks out of place! LOL!  


I was responding to this post:



 "Hi there. I am getting married April 2, 2011 at PPR. I have most of my questions answered already but the one thing I can't wrap my head around is the fact that they charge you 17$/person/hr for the open bar. I mean, really! You are already paying the all inclusive fee for staying there (all of our guests are staying on the property) and it's not like they would charge all of us to stand at the loby bar and drink all night, so I don't understand why they would charge you to set up a bar elsewhere for a reception. I would understand possibly a staffing cost, but we have about 50 people coming, so that's 2550 just for liquor for the 3 hour reception.

Anyone else running into this proble?"


smile105.gifdee dee dee!

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