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** RIU PALACE CABO INFO SHEET 2010 -& 2011 **

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Hi Everyone!

I am so excited! I just booked my wedding at the Riu Palace for Nov 22, 2013! Woho! I have a million questions and hope you don't find me annoying! I want to tap into all your wisdom/expereince :)


It looks like from the site that they don't really talk to you about flowers and decoration and etc until 2 months prior which is fine. I am kind of lazy anyways lol.


However, my questions is, do you not get to book off where your wedding is and your reception is until then as well? I think our travel agent just booked "beach wedding" so I am guessing I still have to confirm with Riu Palace if it's on the beach or if it's in the gazebo?


Also, I am reading a lot on here about a private/semi private reception. We only have about 30 people coming....is there anything you ladies can recommend. I hear the steakhouse is too big to book off for a party our size? Do you ladies know about any other options for the reception?


Thanks so much!



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Hi Phoenix! Congrats on your wedding! Mine is May 11, 2013. I would confirm with RIU where exactly your wedding is because there are 2 Gazebos and I think maybe even 2 beach locations...Beach wedding sounds like it's actually on the beach b/c mine is under "San Jose Gazebo" which is not on the beach.

As for the reception, I think there are a few different options depending on the size of your group. That part is still confusing to me, but I will email you the info I have!

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Hi Iliketa.


I got married at the RIU in May...It was amazing! You will LOVE it there!

You really won't get to choose much until 2 months before.  Even though your travel agent said beach wedding, you can still request to have it under either gazebo. 

The florist you will work with is great, her name is Alina and she was very patient and did a great job.  Its really hard not being able to know exactly what your wedding will look like until 2 months away, but you just have to trust that they do this all the time and are great at their jobs.


As for the semi-private vs. private locations: Its VERY confusing!  Its like they need to come up with a flow chart so you can understand all of their policies.  However, I think after planning my wedding for 18 months I got the jist-


Private locations:

1.  Mar de Cortes (Steak house) (rent the whole thing if you have enough people to rent the whole place...I forgot how many that was I think 60 or 80 people is the min to close it)

2.  Mar de Cortes (Steak house terrace): This is on the ground level, and you can walk out to the beach from here

3.  San Jose (Mexican Restaurant): I think most people rent the terrace of this which is above beach level. I wouldn't want to rent out the inside of the restaurant because its enclosed vs. the steakhouse which is not enclosed and has a nice open air feel, but does have a ceiling.

4.  Misaki (Japanese) This restaurant is enclosed as well.  I don't think many people rent this out.

5.  Medano (Buffet) Why would you want it here?

6.  English Garden (This is the terrace of the Buffet) I don't think a lot of people rent this, its probably pretty busy around there especially since its around dinner time.

7.  The Pacific Ball Room- inside

8.  Baja Norte/Baja Suhr:Poolside  I had mine at the Baja Norte.  The only difference is that the Baja Norte is the quiet pool by day, and the Baja Suhr is the activity pool by day.  So, its a little more private at the Baja Norte.  I Loved having it pool side because it was beautiful and you are overlooking the beach and ocean as well...there was NO One around us once the reception started at 7:00 which was very nice. 

9.  The Beach: The set up tables right on the beach, either right by the Steakhouse restaurant or right by the Mexican Restaurant- This option looked nice, but i think i would rather have my tables on solid ground.

10.  Disco


Semi Private

1.  Steakhouse Terrace

2.  Mexican Terrace

3.  Japanese

4.  Buffet


For the semi-private you only get these for one seating...either the early seating 6:30 or 8:30 I think they are both for 2 hours.  If you want both seatings you have to pay for it.


Good Luck!   

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Hi Everyone,

New to this site but all of the forums have been beyond helpful. We are getting married at the Riu Palace Los Cabos July 2013, and I'm excited to get planning. Would anyone mind sharing any of the information about the reception package / add-ons? I would like to get an idea of costs for the reception. My email is taylor.amelia25@gmail.com

Thank you so much for all you've posted already, its been fantastic!




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We just booked rip palace for Nov 2013. As they won't send me info until 2 months. Anyone With information that they can send me it would be greatly appreciated. Pretty please THANKYOU tracylynn003@gmail.com

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