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I am new to this forum, but can see everyone gives some great advice!  I am trying to plan a wedding in Playa del Carmen for 100 - 150 people in March-April 2011 and would love your advice!



I am looking for reasonably priced accommodations (approx. $150) for most of my guests so we can all stay together.  I want the hotel to be clean, chic, tranquil, have a nice beach, and have a rustic-Mexican feel.  I would prefer that it not be all-inclusive.  I would like it to be within 10-15 minutes of downtown Playa (i.e., not cost $40 to get to town). 


BONUS: It would be great if the hotel had some semi-private  ceremony space (chapel or secluded beach) and a fun reception space where we could party late (until 2am!). Otherwise, I will just hold the wedding off-site.


The Fairmont Mayakoba looks nice and seems to offer some cheaper options than other hotels. Does anyone know how much their room packages are and what the options are there for weddings?  What other hotels are comparable to that sort of feel?





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Welcome to the forum and above all, congratulations for your engagement!

One of the best things about Riviera Maya is the fact that you can get everything you dream, and it goes from the simplest things, up to the most elaborated...
I am certain that you will love it.
Your wedding is going to be full of magic and this website will help you a lot!

We wish you the best.

Happy planning.




Saludos desde Playa del Carmen!

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