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Tropical Wedding Experts

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We have had a LOTS of experience working with Denise Courtney, former coordinator at Ceiba Del Mar, and LONG LONG LONG time wedding professional in the RM area.  

1 thing gals.

Denise knows her stuff.    She puts my know it all smarty pants butt to shame....seriously, this gal has the hook up.   One thing I really like about their business model is that they have a working relationship with TONS of vendors.   They way they approach working with vendors is by setting a relationship with a contract that outlines how they will work between each other in regards to rates, commissions, deals, etc. 

They get bulk pricing rates to offer their clients and therefor are able to offer super better deals on hotels / tours / packages.   Tropical Wedding Experts is a new section of Tropical Incentives... This company has been an industry leader in Cancun for a long long time, so they have lots of relationships setup. 

What impressed me the most about this company is that they have a killer database of vendors.  Denise knows her stuff and based on their extensive questionnaire, they evaluate and know immediately what to offer you in terms of meeting your expectations.   In 2 seconds, she can cross reference their massive database of vendors and supply you with countless PDF's of different vendors and what they offer, etc.

They provide a full service experience.    I think this one is going to be a winner and am excited to work with her!   We are BTW, a full on certified preferred vendor with TWE....  So we shall see how things go!

Good luck!


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