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My DIY Message In a Bottle invites have been mailed! (What a project!)

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Hi Everybody, this is my very first true post...  I got my inspiration from many of you DWB's out there -- thank you so much for all of your creative ideas, I have to admit, I am obsessed with looking through all of the photos on this site, I just can't get enough!


We mailed them this week and have already received many compliments, I am so thankful because my FH (does that mean future husband?) and I spent a lot of time on these puppies...and, we had such a hard time shortening the invite list, we just decided to invite everybody...So, 125 bottles later...here they are!  Enjoy! 


PS - we have extra plain bottles, corks and boxes if any of you are interested - Once I have a final count I'll send an official post in the 'Buy/Sell/Trade Freebies' section  -




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