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Has anyone had a Catholic ceremony in the Chapel at El Dorado Royale?? Desperate to find out information and pictures if possible.

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Hello all brides to be!! I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had a Catholic ceremony in the Chapel at El Dorado Royale. I am starting all the planning with my Parish Priest and would love to hear stories of other weddings. It would be great to see some pictures if anyone has any. It would help so much with all my planning. The Catholic ceremony is so important to us and have fallen in love with the little Chapel but would love to hear all your stories about planning, sending documents, Priests and anything you think that could help.


Than Youmsnwink.gif x

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Hi, Ladies!


My fiance and I are having our approved Roman Catholic Ceremony at EDR's chapel on October 29th. It is actually not as complicated as it might seem, although there is TRULY a lack of information out there so I don't blame you for being skeptical! We had a couple of resorts tell us that we could have a "Catholic" ceremony on the beach which we knew wasn't valid, so we waded through a lot of  information until we found one or two resorts that had approved chapels (Grand Palladium is another, also beautiful! Their chapel is actually much prettier but over all we liked the EDR resort best).


Essentially, you will need to complete Pre-Cana at your parish here, and go through the interview process with your priest and witnesses (he just confirms that you and your fiance are free to wed, ie never married or marriage annulled). This is standard for a Catholic wedding no matter the destination. This then gets sent with your birth certificates (and confirmation certificates - US Diocese don't require this for marriage but Mexico does) to your local Archdiocese, who stamps it's validity and sends it to the Archdiocese of Quintana Roo.


EDR has a priest that they routinely work with for Catholic ceremonies and they provided me with his e-mail address so that my fiance and I can communicate with him beforehand (he speaks English/Spanish). Unfortunately since he has his own parish he can't do a rehearsal the night before, but we can do that with the wedding coordinator and it's a small price to pay for being able to have a beautiful destination wedding that is also valid in the Catholic Church!


Beware of "renting" priests online to show up at your wedding and perform it for you - I wouldn't trust that they are truly Catholic!


Please message me if any questions, I would be more than happy to help you out if I know the answers!!! Best of luck!!!

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Thank you so much you have made us feel so much better! We have met with our Parish Priest who has been fantastic and has interviewed us and put us onto the Pre Cana waiting list. We have booked our wedding but have not had all the confimation through yet so we don't have the WC contact details yet. It is early days yet as we are not getting married until July 2011 but we just want it to be perfect! We both read your review last night and it made us feel so much better thank you!! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding!! It's so exciting not long to go. I am so excited to hear about your special day it will make us so excited about ours too as their is not a lot of people have had a Catholic wedding at EDR on this site, so glad you replied! The Catholic element is extremely important to us so let's hope all of our dreams come true just like I have imagined it. Our own Parish Priest needs the name of the Diocese and the Priest that will say the Mass also where to send the documentation too but I am sure the WC will tell me all that. Did you send the documention directly to the Church the Priest belongs to or EDR?  I am sure I wil think of a million questions to ask you about the whole process, It is a lovely feeling of relief that someone else is doing the same as us and it is not too complicated.


Thank You!!

Lynsey xxx

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I'm SO glad I could make you feel better - you are right, there are not a lot of people that have done it (at least that I've found) and not a ton of information out there! But everything has been going very smoothly and I"m sure we will BOTH have our dream Catholic weddings =)


The wedding documents (Baptismal Certificates, Confirmation Certificates, Certificate of Pre-Cana completion, Witness forms (your priest will do these with you), and passport photos actually go to YOUR Archdiocese to be stamped and then they get sent directly from there to the Archdiocese in Mexico (I think it's Quintana Roo - I will double check).


I am going to TRY to attach the list of Catholic wedding requirements that my WC sent to me - if you can't see this let me know and I"ll try something else =)





~$tholic wedding requirments.doc

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